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Gamification: what’s the buzz?

Gamification was the 2014 event industry buzzword. It doesn’t seem to come up nearly as much anymore when talking with potential or current customers. I assume that is due to the industry’s general consensus and overall experience of low engagement with Gamification. But, proper education has helped to guide the industry on when to, or not to utilize Gamification and how to properly implement the correct format for it to be successful so that it’s not just a buzzword.

The Holy Grail – a Year-round Mobile Event App!

O.K, O.K., having a year-round mobile event app may not be the holy grail to some – but to us app makers it is music to our ears! Why? Because, it gets our app out there and then it is being used all year long. It’s like writing a song and hearing it on the radio! But no, this blog is not all about us, it's about you and why it is important to think of your mobile app being used year round.