Frequently Asked Questions When Developing an Event App

You know the expression, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink?” This is how event managers feel after developing an impressive event app that few, if any, attendees actually download and use.  

It’s a frustrating experience, no doubt about it; however, you can avoid this all-too-common pitfall by prioritizing what your audience wants, rather than what you simply think or assume they want. Information and analysis are your friends when it comes to developing an event app that your attendees are excited and energized to use.  

Let’s break it down to brass tacks to isolate the important questions you should be asking in order to arrive at the insights necessary for developing an event app that your audience wants and will use.  

Why develop an event mobile app? 

Event mobile apps offer a range of benefits for both organizers and attendees, enhancing communication, engagement, and overall event experience. 

Developing an event mobile app provides attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers with a single point of contact and connection. Core-app’s mobile event app puts your event in your attendee’s pocket, providing a quick and easy way for all event stakeholders to interact.  

TECH TIP: Choose from three Mobile Event App packages, including Follow Me, the most popular and utilized app for trade shows, featuring intuitive interactive maps, and more than 300 features ideal for events with more than 100 exhibiting companies. EventLink+ is tailored to conferences, more than expo, and proves most popular with medical and scientific conferences for its abstract support. EventLink is a simpler version, focused on conferences and designed to ensure smaller events stay within budget.

The basics of event app development 

Key considerations when starting the development process include defining objectives, choosing the right features, selecting a development platform, and setting a realistic timeline. 

Common questions about app features 

Discover essential features that most event apps should have, including agendas, speaker profiles, interactive maps, and FAQs related to their implementation. At the heart of these questions is always the goal of increasing attendee engagement with the right tools. The trick is to keep in mind that your audience is made up of all types of attendees who learn and interact differently.  

Ensure that your mobile app offers a variety of engagement opportunities: “Talk to your app provider about push notifications, polling, surveys, accessing social channels, gamification, and any other features they have to grab your attendees’ attention.” 

For example…  

FAQs on gamification in an event mobile app  

Gamification is increasingly being integrated into event management strategies as a way to connect the audience and keep them engaged. In order to understand its value and leverage its potential to your event mobile app, let’s consider the following questions.  

First of all, what is gamification?  

Gamification in the event management industry involves applying game-design principles and mechanics to non-game contexts, such as conferences, trade shows, and corporate events. It aims to enhance attendee engagement, participation, and overall experience by introducing elements like challenges, rewards, leaderboards, and interactive activities.  

What can you do with gamification?  

By incorporating gamification strategies, event organizers can increase attendee interaction, promote networking, empower real-time communication, and drive desired behaviors, ultimately creating more memorable and impactful events. 

Consider the American Rental Association’s 2021 ARA Show which demonstrates the power of gamification to increase app downloads and inspire user engagement: To participate, attendees had to download the event’s app, enabling them to scan 10 QR codes: one from each booth of the show’s eight platinum-level sponsors; one from either of the two ARA booths, and one from a kiosk at the entrance to the outdoor exhibit area. One the week after the show, ARA randomly selected one winner from attendees who collected all 10 QR codes. 

TECH TIP: The Core-Apps event mobile app provides interactive gamification features that allow you to enhance your event with passport games, treasure hunts, prizes, audience voting and activities that create friendly competition. Prompt attendees to visit specific exhibitors or sessions. Additionally, you can sell sponsorships for games that lead attendees towards your event exhibitors. Ultimately, gamification features like Core-Apps promote a fun atmosphere for all involved and inspire the creation of memorable experiences.

Design and user experience 

As you embark on event mobile app development, explore questions related to app design, user-friendliness, customization options, and features that ensure a seamless experience for attendees. 

For instance, interactive maps help support a better user experience by giving attendees the confidence and clarity to navigate even the busiest expo, conference or tradeshow floor.  

TECH TIP: The Core-Apps event mobile app features Interactive Mapping, allowing attendees to access best-path routine from booth to booth and between session rooms. Event managers can select themes and customization options, while managing dynamic updates. By easily navigating the showroom floor, attendees always know where they need to be and how to get to their next session, meeting, or must-see exhibitor in a timely fashion.

Integrations and data management 

Learn how event apps can integrate with other tools, manage data effectively, and address concerns regarding data privacy and security. 

TECH TIP: With Core-Apps event mobile app, you can easily integrate with leading registration, event management, AMS/CRM systems, and more, which means that registrants are automatically added to your event roster, personal meetings, social feed, and push notifications.

FAQs on event app integrations   

It’s fair to say your event mobile app is only as useful to attendees as the points of integration it supports. There are key points of product integration that allow your organization to deliver value that differentiates it from other event mobile app developers.  

Can an event app integrate with my Association Management Software?  

Core-Apps integrates user logins, schedule, speakers, exhibitors, and attendee information; thereby helping clients avoid double entry and allowing them to have a mobile medium to connect with their audience.  

Can an event app integrate with Expo Logic?  

Core-apps integrates with Expo Logic’s Exhibitor Management capabilities, which allows clients to avoid double data entry and connect with their audience on a single mobile platform.  

Can an event app integrate with Attendee Interactive?  

Integrations with Attendee Interactive include speaker, session, track, abstract, exhibitor, and category, reducing double data entry and connecting organizers with their audience on a dedicated mobile space.  

Can an event app integrate with Configio?  

From user logins, schedule, speakers, exhibitors, and attendee information, Core-Apps integrates with Configio’s capabilities to eliminate double data entry and keep everyone connected and communicating on one mobile medium.  

Cost and budgeting 

Understand the cost factors involved in app development, common budgeting questions, and how to optimize resources effectively. For instance, with Core-Apps you can drive better event ROI with sponsorship tools that attract and retain vendors. By building sponsorship packages, organizers can build non-dues revenue and maximize both leads and brand recognition.  

Promotion and adoption 

Explore strategies for promoting the app among attendees and ensuring widespread adoption to maximize its impact on the event. Consider features like in-app social networking, which includes the ability to share messages, set up 1:1 meetings, and participate in live polling.  

Troubleshooting and support 

Gain guidance on addressing common issues that may arise with the app and providing effective support to users. 

Measuring success 

Discover methods for measuring the success of the app, analyzing its impact on the event, and gathering feedback for future improvements. 

TECH TIP: Core-Apps provides users with a robust stats portal featuring all the app analytics -- from attendee engagement to post-event survey feedback -- to ensure an event’s success.

Event mobile apps play a crucial role in enhancing event experiences for both organizers and attendees. By addressing these frequently asked questions and drilling down the details, you can develop your event app with ease and efficacy.  

Discover more about how Core-Apps is advancing the event technology industry and check out our mobile event app in action.  

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