Tips for your exhibitors and sponsors for networking success

Tips for your exhibitors and sponsors for networking success

Networking success at conferences isn’t just about exchanging contact information; it’s about creating meaningful connections that lead to long-term partnerships and opportunities. You know this and while it sounds great, the question is how to create those connections and engage in conversations that result in meaningful interactions.  

The good news is there is plenty of opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors to master the art of networking to maximize their return on investment (ROI) and create valuable connections with attendees. 

Here, we share a few of our favorites that we know will leave a lasting expression on event attendees while expanding your network.  

Craft compelling booth experiences  

Design your booth or exhibit space to captivate attendees with engaging visuals and interactive elements. Make sure your branding is on point and your layout is inviting. A few popular ideas to make your booth a can’t-miss experience in and of itself are:  

  • Interactive demonstrations: Set up interactive displays or demonstrations that allow attendees to engage with your product or service firsthand. For example, if you’re promoting a new software platform, create a demo station where visitors can test out key features themselves. 
  • Virtual Reality (VR): Use VR technology to transport attendees into immersive environments related to your brand or product. This can be particularly effective for industries like travel, real estate, or entertainment. 
  • Gamification: Incorporate elements of gamification into your booth to attract and engage attendees. This could involve hosting contests, scavenger hunts, or interactive games that offer prizes or rewards for participation. 
  • Live presentations or workshops: Host live presentations or workshops within your booth space to educate attendees about your offerings or industry trends. Consider inviting guest speakers or industry experts to add credibility and draw in a larger audience. 
  • Personalized experiences: Tailor your booth experience to the individual preferences or needs of attendees. This could involve offering personalized product recommendations, one-on-one consultations, or custom demonstrations based on specific interests or challenges. 

TECH TIP: Events that use Core-Apps mobile app can take advantage of gamification capabilities that include passport games, treasure hunts, prizes, audience voting, and other activities that encourage attendees to visit specific exhibits and sessions.

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Deliver value with content

Offer valuable content through thought leadership presentations, demos, or hands-on activities to draw attendees to your booth and showcase your expertise. Additionally, you might offer freebies and giveaways, the opportunity for attendees to engage in one-on-one consultations, interactive quizzes and surveys, along with well-displayed case studies and customer testimonials. These not only demonstrate your expertise, but they also provide a talking point that can help break the ice with attendees. By highlighting clients with similar pain points, you can show how you have the service or product that provides an impactful solution.  

Empower your staff 

Train your booth staff to be knowledgeable, approachable, and proactive in engaging with attendees. They should be equipped to answer questions and initiate meaningful conversations. Empowering your staff with technology can also enhance their effectiveness and facilitate a smoother process for them to capture and nurture leads.  

Embrace technology — like ours! 

Utilize lead retrieval tools and digital platforms to streamline lead capture and follow-up processes, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. By integrating a mobile app with powerful interactive features, attendees can better connect and share experiences with exhibitors and sponsors. Core-Apps offers in-app social networking which includes messaging, the ability to set up 1:1 meetings, and participate in live polling. Our robust platform empowers attendees to create lasting relationships with sponsors and exhibitors before, during, and after the event.  

TECH TIP: Core-Apps’ mobile app features an Exhibitor Portal that makes it easy to reach attendees with downloadable content that tells the exhibitor story and boosts brand awareness. Similarly, the Speaker Portal allows speakers the opportunity to present and form connections with presentations and handouts. Both features empower exhibitor and sponsor networking success!

Incentivize engagement 

Encourage attendees to visit your booth by offering incentives such as giveaways, contests, or exclusive resources. Another popular strategy to incentivize engagement at your booth is to offer VIP access to a product launch, or priority scheduling for demos, and even access to members-only content or resources. Consider hosting networking sessions at your booth, whether meet and greets or roundtable discussions, to expand your network while delivering value to attendees.  

Harness social media 

Leverage event hashtags and social media platforms to engage with attendees before, during, and after the event, amplifying your presence and fostering connections. An active presence on social media feeds demonstrates interest in why attendees are at the event, which can strengthen connections with them by fostering meaningful conversations.  

TECH TIP: Attendees can use Core-Apps to ask questions during exhibitor and sponsor sessions, in real time. In fact, attendees can review the questions asked by their colleagues and up-vote those they want addressed. This gives speakers insight into the most important questions, which positions them to provide answers that are truly valuable and engage with attendees in a meaningful way.

Leverage sponsorship benefits 

Take full advantage of your sponsorship perks, whether it’s speaking opportunities, logo placement, or dedicated networking events. 

TECH TIP: With Core-Apps mobile app, sponsors enjoy enhanced brand exposure and awareness via rotating banners ads on every screen, in addition to other built-in opportunities to directly connect with attendees.

Prioritize relationship building 

Focus on building genuine relationships by listening to attendees’ needs and offering tailored solutions rather than pushing sales pitches. 

TECH TIP: Speaking of pushing, by using Core-Apps targeted push notifications, sponsors and exhibitors can communicate quickly and effectively with attendees through a personalized experience.

For more insights, check out our blog post focused on how to increase engagement with personalized push notifications. 

Follow up promptly

Don’t let valuable leads go cold; follow up promptly after the event with personalized messages and relevant resources.  

TECH TIP: Quick, effective, and personalized follow up is a cinch with Core-Apps. The networking tools integrated into our mobile app, like 1:1 connections, messaging, meetings, and matching, support professional connections and communication before, during, and after the event.


Attend networking events

Take advantage of informal networking opportunities outside the exhibit hall to connect with attendees in a relaxed setting. 

Core-Apps makes it easy to keep track of personal appointments and non-session appointments via the My Schedule feature.

Seek feedback 

Solicit feedback from attendees to continuously improve your networking approach and enhance future conference experiences. 

The Core-Apps mobile app features real-time polling and session surveys, both of which provide invaluable insights that exhibitors and sponsors can leverage for greater success at future events and to sharpen their networking skills.

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Master networking success with Core-Apps 

By implementing these strategies and integrating a proven mobile app, exhibitors and sponsors can elevate their networking game, forge meaningful connections, and drive tangible results from their conference participation. 

Core-Apps was able to accommodate everything we needed from our event apps with the app functionality and design, as well as responsiveness for any questions … Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive.” — Sander R., Director of Marketing and Communications 

Leverage the same kind of positivity and enhance your networking success by taking advantage of Core-Apps’ mobile app technology.  

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Marie Smith
Marie Smith

Marie Smith is a Marketing Manager with Community Brands. She is passionate about giving back to her community and has always been involved with membership organizations from being a Girl Scouts of America troop leader volunteer, to a Parent Teacher Association President and VP of Membership, most recently. Marie is passionate about creating special experiences for customers and future customers throughout their experiences with our products and resources. In her free-time, Marie is equally passionate about spending time with her family, gardening, listening to live music, and enjoying good food.