HTML5 vs. Native Event Apps – Not the Same Thing

Darren Edwards over at the Invisage Event Technology Blog recently wrote a piece about some of the misconceptions event organizers might have about HTML 5. Sure, it seems easy, but there are pitfalls:

It turns out that HTML5 is not yet a mature enough set of web standards to fully deliver on its promises. Missing APIs, weaker UI compared to native apps and difficulty routing ads onto HTML5 sites can add up to make it feel like an inferior product.

One of the major hurdles for HTML 5 is connectivity. A mobile device will need a strong, steady connection to use an HTML 5 “app,” and these are often not available at trade shows and conventions. Native apps have the ability to store data locally in ways that minimize network usage.

Darren also points out that major social media developers such as Facebook and LinkedIn have recently abandoned HTML5 in favor or native apps. If they’re not trusting HTML 5 with their brand, why should event organizers?

Darren has much more to say, and you can read the entire piece on his blog.