Introducing Conference Notes from Core-apps – new mobile app functionality for events with complex content and a need for a higher level of engagement.

Product Overview:
The technology was created by AstraZeneca’s Digital Innovation Group, and expanded under the guidance of the event technologists at Core-apps. Conference Notes will deliver ground breaking functionality–within the total solution of the Core-apps event technology stack.

Highlights include:

  • Real-time second screen engagement
  • Helps your attendees seamlessly engage with conference content through their devices
  • Collaborative note taking
  • Allows attendees to take notes on a presentation they’re viewing through their device
  • Sharing notes
  • Enables attendees to share their notes and key information with peers
  • Recalling important points
  • Easily refer back to presentation and notes

How it Works:

  • Preview sessions and plan which ones to attend Conference Notes copy
  • Once the session starts, simply tap the button to follow along
  • Bookmark slides and easily add your own notes to remember key points
  • Dynamic capability allows users to travel to previous slides and rejoin live presentation in real-time
  • Presentations with your notes are automatically backed up for future reference
  • Attendees can share their notes with colleagues

Our Conference Notes infographics provide visual information on how the products works

Conference Notes

Conference Notes offers meeting attendees a suite of mobile functionality designed for planning, note taking, engagement and more. For more information please Schedule a Demo.