Follow the Leader

As mobile app developers, we understand that our products must work with another company’s technology and processes. So it’s just good business to recognize who is in the driver’s seat.

We’ve been riding shotgun with Apple since 2009, as the first native app developers in the event space. It’s always been our strategy to stick with their policies and best practices, and to work on our client’s behalf to maintain compliance.

With all of the recent news about Apple’s updated policies regarding App Store approvals and event apps, we felt that it was important to maintain our position on this topic.

Make no mistake, whether you’re the biggest app developer in the world or working out of your garage, compliance with Apple is the policy, not conjecture or interpretation of their rules to benefit your business model.

Apple announced changes to their policy at their annual developer conference (WWDC 2017) regarding templated and spam apps. Since then, the event industry has witnessed a flurry of knee-jerk recommendations from event app providers, claiming everything from apps will be forced into a container, to bold claims that organizers were required to “get your app grandfathered-in before the end of Dec 2017, or you would lose your ability to have a branded app in the app store.” Some even wrote articles telling the industry why container apps would be good for them!

During this time, nothing changed at Core-apps and we assured our clients that we had the answer. We take great pride in being a provider that understands the importance of an event’s branding and we provided insight on why organizers should not follow the container route and lose their branding. In fact, since 2011 we have been recommending that our clients maintain their own app store accounts. At Core-apps our strategy is simple.

“We develop Premium Label event apps and follow platform rules to ensure our apps are compliant for any store they are submitted to, on behalf of our clients.”

As the leading provider of event apps, we feel it is important for our clients, colleagues and partners to understand our position. Our business model has always been to act as a trusted partner for our clients, and that first and foremost means assurance that their apps will be compliant and ready for use on all intended platforms.

We’re not just a platform, we’re a partner, helping event organizers navigate the complexities of app stores and wherever else this digital highway may take the event industry.

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