Give your members access to your content 24/7 365 days of the year with our MemberDirect mobile app! Your membership is mobile, and your organization can be, too!

MemberDirect Top Features

  • Alerts
  • Industry News
  • Events Calendar
  • Blog Posts
  • White Papers, Coupons, and Members-only Offers
  • Buyers Guide
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MemberDirect is a mobile app specifically designed for Associations, and allows you to connect easily with your membership in a user-friendly interface. MemberDirect apps can also house connections to your event apps for simple, effective cross-promotion.

A dynamic application designed to fit your organization's needs, MemberDirect can include areas designated 'Members Only', allowing public access to particular areas, while treating your registered members to VIP content. MemberDirect is configured to automatically pull content from association databases, websites, 3rd party databases, and any other area you have your content stored – so, the app is not a separate workload. Instead, it integrates with work you have already completed, resulting in a no-or-low maintenance app.