Congratulations Megan!

Core-apps has a new mascot! This is also another major milestone for Core-apps.  We recently celebrated 7 years in business, and now we have one of our first employees having a baby! We are so excited that I wanted to share this news with our partners and friends.  I know most companies would not put out a blog like this but we are not like most companies.  We consider everyone that we work with and our staff to be a big family.  We try our best to not just be your vendor but your partner. We’re proud to be the team that always looks out for you and love that you also look out for us. That is why I wanted to announce this news!

itsagirlI know that everyone Megan has worked with over the years (and that is a lot of partners) would want to know about this joyous occasion.  So, congratulations to Megan, Kemper and Lucy!