Attendee Networking Via The Event App

Core-Apps Team

December 19, 2017

    Your App is a Powerful Tool for Networking on the Go!

    Over the past several years we have undoubtedly read any number of blog posts, news articles and perhaps even a book or two on the POWER of networking; we may have even written some of these!

    Whether on, LinkedIn or a blog, most everything we read surely includes some combination of the 10 buzzwords all us self-proclaimed experts use – power, connection, growth and so many more! After which each article goes on to explain the importance of these connections, and emphasize the potential of eye-to-eye meetings.

    I am not hoping to dissuade those actions, but share additional options available to the trade show transient! Sure the first thing we all do when we arrive on site is make certain the Opening Night Reception is locked into our schedule; everyone lays out their best attire – be it with our company logo or not, grabs our name badge and heads to the bus.

    This is it…prime networking time!

    Why are we waiting until the start of our show to begin networking though, since the power to make new professional friends should be in the palm of our hand? At Core-apps we pride ourselves on a mobile app packed with features, all designed to enhance the user experience. Upon downloading the event app, one of the first things you will be asked to do is set up a profile. This may seem like a meaningless task, but it is the metaphorical key to myriad powerful features including in-app networking!

    Taking a few seconds to opt-in to the networking means we identify potential connections ahead or time, learn a bit about them, set up a meeting time (although more about that in a future blog), share message and become friends – hopefully beyond just our few days together. This is more than a business card we are simply going to dry-clean the next week, but this is data available for as long as the app stays on our device!

    Want to know phone numbers? They’re importable! Had am important conversation with a new friend? Take a note directly on the contact information! Meet someone from the app in the hotel bar and grab a drink, but when the bill comes your friend pulls an Irish…simply delete them from the message center as if you’ve never met!

    These are just some of the features available right from your device. Before the flight takes off even, we have a solid idea of who is there, whom we may need to meet with and some important information about them. All this because your friendly show organizer knows how important the power of networking is to everyone in the events industry.

    To learn more about in-app networking, or share some of your own event networking stories, contact us at

    Core-Apps Team