Customizable Mobile Apps for Events

Core-apps is a leading event technology company specializing in event apps that are designed to be scalable, innovative and cost-effective. Since 2009 we’ve developed award-winning event apps that are 100% customized to meet the needs of any conference or trade show, from very large (over 150,000 users) to smaller, more personal events (less than 100 users). Looking for a single event application, or an application designed for multiple events? We have the solutions you need! Our industry expertise, innovative technology and heroic customer care are reasons why it’s easy to work with us. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your specific technology needs and to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Mobile App Packages:

  • Follow Me: Built to support major events, with more than 300 features to choose from. The most popular and most utilized app for trade shows, recommended for events with over 100 exhibiting companies. Feature combinations include the best and easiest to use interactive maps.
  • EventLink+: The perfect fit for a large event with more of a conference focus than an expo focus. Most popular with medical and scientific conferences that don’t need the interactive expo focus but still include the abstract support.
  • EventLink: A simplified conference focused version of our event app product. This product has the right amount of engine for smaller events to stay in budget. Considered a premium base model compared with other entry-level products in the marketplace.

A few of our standard app highlights, of our possible 300+ features:

  • Interactive Personal Planner: Build a schedule with favorites and set reminders
  • Sponsorships: Monetize the app with multiple sponsorship placements
  • Contextual Help: Intuitive pop-up wizard provides app “how to” guidance
  • Complex Session Support: Multi-track, multi-type, sub sessions and more!
  • Session Handouts and Evaluations: Include collateral and customized surveys
  • Enhanced Exhibitor Listings: Navigate the exhibitor directory with optimized images
  • Social Media Integration: Includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more
  • Push Notifications/Targeted Alerts: Multiple options for messaging app users
  • Activity Feed: Stay up to date with popular and trending items
  • Networking: Connect, message, and schedule meetings with colleagues, all within the app
  • Admin Portal: Easy to use app management tool
  • Reporting: Robust stats portal provides all of the app analytics
  • Heroic Customer Care: Core-apps facilitates app build process and user technical support
  • Much more!

Fully Themeable

Don’t settle for an event app that isn’t your creation. Our mobile event apps are 100% customizable to be able adopt your brand, identity, and taste. Create a modern look and create an app that your attendees will be sure to love. Add images of your featured speakers, sponsor logos, or photos of your show. The sky is the limit, and with our ability to update everything on the fly, you can continue customizing even as the show is ongoing.

Customizing your theme is easy with us. You can either send us your images and preference of colors and we set up your theme, or you can go in and upload and customize everything yourself.

With Core-apps your app is truly your app.

Data Integration is our thing

You name it, we can handle it. At Core-apps our services include seamless and total integration between your app and the industry’s top CRMs and database tools. We specialize in taking your complex data and make it simple to display.

We regularly integrate with too many data providers to list them all here. You can see a highlight of some of the more popular companies and technologies that we have integrated with before. If you don’t see what you use on the graphic, don’t sweat! The answer is probably, “Yes we have,” and in the unlikely event that we haven’t, the answer is almost certainly, “Yes, we will!”


For scientific shows, finding a mobile app provider that can handle abstracts and posters can be a difficult process. We handle posters and abstracts with ease. This information can be extremely difficult to maneuver but because we’ve done it so many times, it is second nature. We have the most experience of any mobile app provider at providing easy to navigate access to large lists of posters and abstracts, huge poster sessions, gigantic lists of authors and speakers.

Quick List

We have found that keeping organized is one of the biggest challenges for event attendees. Building a list of exhibitors you want to see is only half of the battle as attendees want to be able to visit all the exhibitors they want to see, but also take advantage of every other aspect of the event. That is why we invented the Quick List.

The Quick List allows a user to select all of the exhibitors they want to visit and then keeps track of what they have left to visit. Throughout the process you will be routed using our “best path routing” on our interactive maps to help lead you from booth to booth, making navigating large tradeshow halls easy and efficient.

If an attendee needs to leave to go grab lunch or go attend a session, they can easily resume where they left off or get new directions starting from where they’re currently at. With Core-apps your attendees will always have a productive experience at your event.

Interactive Maps

Our interactive maps are the best to date in the event industry. Not only can our maps be themed and customized, they also can be updated on the fly. Did you have a last minute exhibitor that was added to your floorplan on the first day of your event? An exhibitor wanted to move from a 10×10 to a 10×20 the day before the show? No problem, we can update the floorplan and every attendee will see it on their maps.

Additionally the same technology that powers our Quick List is available on-demand. Attendees can get best path routing from booth to booth, even if the booth they’re trying to get to is in another building. They can even get routing to and from session rooms.

Our maps also support taking notes! Did you see something cool that you want to remember later? Just tap and hold and drop a note on the map. Notes can be viewed by tapping on them or exported after the show from the app via our Email All Notes feature.

A few other features

In app Social Networking

Attendees love networking with other attendees. We help facilitate that with our self-published attendee list. Privacy is a major concern, so attendees opt-in and if they don’t, their information isn’t accessible to anyone else using the app. Attendees can use this functionality to connect, message, share schedules, and more.

My Schedule

Managing what sessions or meetings you have on your agenda shouldn’t be hard, and we make it as easy as it can get. We can allow users to import their agenda from many online providers, or they can build it quickly and easily inside of the app. The next upcoming item is always available on the dashboard for an attendee to easily remember where they need to be next.

Targeted Alerts

Not only does our app provide an alerting system to keep your attendees informed, we also allow targeting alerts to demographics from their profiles. If you want to send an alert to only exhibitors or buyers, you can! We also provide alerts as attendees approach an area on the show floor using iBeacons.

Session Check-In

Continuing education credits are often a chore for both attendees and event organizers to keep track of. We offer an easy to use system that allows users to confirm their attendance to a session and automate the collection of their information to issue credits to the attendees.


We love providing fun ways to engage attendees and create a healthy competition that incentivizes your attendees to make sure they explore the show and not miss out on the great sights on the show floor.


We have an extensive list of ways that the app can be sponsored to help offset the cost of the mobile app. Many of our customers make money via selling sponsorships for their app.