Your Event App is Like March Madness Basketball

Core-Apps Team

February 26, 2019

    Your event app is like March Madness basketball here’s a game-plan of how to win big with your audience!

    With March Madness right around the corner, we couldn’t help but think about how the teams that get to The Big Dance, have just the right mix of game winning strategies. Sort of like the components that go into creating and managing a successful event app!

    To make your event app a slam dunk, you need to consider some key factors that can make it a winning success.

    Here are the top tips event organizers should consider as they put together a game-plan for winning over their attendees, sponsors and exhibitors!

    The coach

    Make sure the right person on your team is leading the event app effort, and that they’re in sync with your developer’s main point-of-contact. It takes time and expertise to build an event app that will score the right points with your audience. Here are a few plays your team leader should prioritize:

    • Data integrations
    • Theme and branding
    • Feature/functionality best fit
    • Capturing downloads and usage
    • Sponsorship placement for optimal ROI

    The team

    Your Core-apps event app developers have the mad skills you need to build an event app that will make your audience cheer! We’ve been building award-winning event apps for many seasons and our team continues to keep up with the trends and technologies that truly score more points than other teams in our industry. Here are a few stats on what makes Core-apps your winning team for event apps:

    • We know how to handle complex data integrations
    • We are widely recognized in the industry as the event app experts
    • Our customer service and technical support is best-in-class
    • We offer strategic consultation as a part of all projects
    • We know how to beat the buzzer when it comes to managing projects on time and on budget

    The game plan

    There are some key design elements for a successful app, which event organizers should consider as they craft a game-plan for their event. Make sure your team knows what your goals are, associated with the following:

    • Creating an intuitive user-interface
    • Contextual help, to ensure people know how to use the app
    • Innovative features that keep your app fresh and relevant
    • Interactive and engaging content to keep your app sticky
    • Branding should be top of mind, for all stakeholders
    • The right features to enhance the attendee experience, but not too many features that do not add value to the experience!

    The crowd is going wild!

    Give your attendees a reason to cheer for your event app. Don’t just check boxes; think about your event’s profile and create an experience tailored to your audience. Consider the following top plays, that can really help you win points with attendees!

    • Keep things fresh with an updated look and feel
    • Ensure your app is easy to use, don’t overcomplicate easy features
    • Makes sure your team is prepared to add enough content to keep things interesting
    • Navigation should be easy and intuitive
    • The schedule is one of the top reasons people download your app, make sure it’s easy to use
    • Networking is another big reason attendees use your event app, make sure it’s going to be worth their time
    • Promote the fact that you’ve reduced your carbon footprint by getting rid of print materials and transitioning to the app

    The competition

    Be sure to have the best player take the game winning shot. We compete directly against DIY event app builders. But they don’t stand a chance when it comes to going one-on-one with Core-apps. These types of solutions can seem like a good idea at the time, but can also lead to bigger problems down the road. Bring your A-game with Core-apps.

    • Does your team really have the expertise and time to do it right, on their own?
    • It’s an attractive price point, but you get what you pay for
    • You are limited in what you can provide to attendees
    • Lack of brand recognition and they are not as easy to find app in store

    The win!

    To win the game you need a team that is prepared to work together to complete the goals, just like your event technology ecosystem. Basketball is not a single player sport, and neither is building a successful event app. Just showing up and checking the box doesn’t cut it either. You need the right mix of talent, tactics and tools to bring home the win with your attendees and exhibitors. Here are some top reasons why Core-apps is the choice for event organizers who want to be champions.

    • We integrate with MYS, a2z, Cadmium, and more to make life easy
    • Complex integrations from multiple data sources comes standard
    • Our customer service and project managers are experts and save you time
    • We support complex programs of event formatting like abstracts and posters
    • We offer innovative and next level features and functionality
    • Only event app to offer Augmented Reality
    • Premium branding and theming
    • We mirror the digital sponsorships and enhanced listings
    • Cutting-edge interactive mapping and routing
    • Additional product offerings, tailored to meet the needs of innovative event organizers

    For more information on how Core-apps can create a winning app game-plan for your event, please contact us.

    Core-Apps Team