Why Event Apps Take Your Event to the Next Level

Core-Apps Team

June 4, 2018

    Wow–it’s been almost 10 years since the App Store opened! It’s hard to think back to a time when iPhones didn’t exist. In July 2008 (almost exactly 10 years ago) the first mobile app was published and Apple launched the App Store. Thus, introducing the world to the mobile app. Little did we know the impact these apps would have on our relationships, businesses and day to day life.

    Remember the Apple slogan “there’s an app for that”? It was uttered almost every time you needed to do something. If you wanted to check the weather in Miami, “there’s an app for that”. If you wanted to know how many carbs are in a goldfish, “there’s an app for that”. If you forgot where you parked your car, “there’s an app for that”. Mobile apps quickly became a way of life, and there’s no sign of them slowing down.

    As defined on Investopia “An app is any computer program your mobile phone runs to either perform a task, display media, facilitate communication, entertain you, or provide a service or any other function.”

    When considering an app as an event organizer, do you have to pick just one? No way!

    Your mobile event apps should provide ALL those functions and here’s why.

    Perform a task:

    You want your event attendees to view and engage with your content by building their onsite schedule, selecting topics of interest and scouting exhibitors they want to visit.

    • Feature: Using Online Profile Login, you can create a customized experience for your attendees by populating their app schedule with information gathered during event registration.

    Display media:

    You want your app to provide new and exciting ways for your attendees to digest your content.

    • Feature: Share information highlighting your organizations initiatives and sponsor showcases using multi-media messages, banner ads and a variety of other placements.

    Facilitate communication:

    You want your attendees to use the event app to connect. Not just with your content, but with others via networking functionality

    • Feature: Social networking is a huge draw for attendees. Use our Networking tool to help facilitate those lasting connections.


    Your attendees may need a reason to interact with your content. Creating something compelling is key to keeping them coming back.

    • Feature: In app Gamification is a fun way to create a little competition among attendees and benefits everyone involved in your event.

    Provide a service:

    It’s important for attendees (whether you are a membership organization or not) to feel like they’re valued and being heard.

    • Feature: Use Audience Polling and in app Q&A to get the conversation between speakers and attendees moving. This can even be used during the entire event to gather feedback on how you’re doing as an organizer!


    The Core-apps mobile app platform is home to over 300+ features that perform tasks, showcase media messages, facilitate communication, provide entertainment and services. Whether you’ve had an event app for years, or are starting to consider one for your next event, call one of our representatives today to learn about all the features we provide.

    We’ll work with you to build an app that fits your goals and objectives.

    Core-Apps Team