Innovation Is Only The First Step On The Way To Execution

Core-Apps Team

March 30, 2016

    A powerful quote can motivate more than thought, but action!

    I recently added a fresh quote to my email signature, “Innovation is rewarded, execution is worshiped,” by Eric Thomas.  It was over a year ago when I first heard this quote at the TSNN Awards in Cleveland where Dan Gilbert, the owner of Quicken Loans, was speaking.  It directly resonated with me because Core-apps has approached innovation with our features and products in exactly that way.  So I wrote the quote down and forgot about it.  (Ugh!  Don’t you hate when you do that?)  Until recently…

    innovationWe were, not too long ago, designing an ad that promotes a number of new, innovative features for our mobile app and event management software.  The quote came back to me as I was reviewing the ad. Core-apps has always been one of the top technology innovators in the event industry, our initial innovative achievement being the first to offer a native mobile app in 2009.  We have had many innovative firsts since then – far more than you’d want listed in a single blog post.  However, as I looked at the ad listing, at some of these features that we were touting, I realized that we were not always the first to deploy them! In fact, similar features had already been deployed by our competitors. I just then realized the distinction.

    Core-apps and event technology

    We take our role as industry leaders in technology very seriously here at Core-apps.  We pride ourselves on being industry experts and acting as consultants for our clients. So, while we liked what we saw our competitors bringing to market, we knew we could offer something far better. Instead of rushing to copy a feature, we researched its functionality within the event management industry, and we made changes to better fit our customers and to better serve the industry. We focused on execution, which is the most important part, and, in doing so, produced a superior product.

    I am proud of our reputation as a company that innovates. I am proud of our reputation as a company that executes. Because if what is delivered is merely hypothetical, impractical, or rendered useless because the process was not thoroughly vetted, then your product is but an idea.

    So back to the quote, “Innovation is rewarded, execution is worshiped”. Yup – it is a two-step process!

    Core-Apps Team