It’s every organizers worst nightmare – an inability to communicate with attendees. With 100 things a minute happening, it is easy to look past a quick message welcoming attendees to lunch or thanking the overall sponsor for the expo hall.

Let your event technology provider take that worry off your plate. Simply adding in a couple of event beacons will both enhance communication and open up numerous sponsorship opportunities…that’s right organizer friends – SPONSORSHIP.

As the saying goes, if a message is passed at a trade show and there is no sponsor to pay for it, was there really a message to be heard at all?

Thankfully event beacons can help ensure this never happens. In some cases no larger than a quarter and in most cases no larger than Zack Morris’ cell phone, beacons are a simple and discreet tool designed to enhance attendee engagement at any show.

Our team can make this happen for you. You simply let us know what the message is and we will set everything else up, ship your beacons to your show site and track available metrics for you to measure ROI. Let our hands on approach make this a hands off feature for your team!

As an added bonus why not include geofenced alerts on top of your beacon technology? Beacons are a great tool for event organizers and sponsors to share a message with attendees in small space, but what about welcoming attendees when they land? Having our team set up a geofenced alert at the airport, host hotels and convention center is a great way to share a daily message with attendees and comes at no additional cost to organizers.

So far you are all in, but in the back of your mind you’re saying to yourself, “the only way my show could be better is if beacons did all this PLUS gave me real time metrics on traffic patterns.” Never fear, we have the solution for that too! Besides being a great communication and sponsorship tool, incorporating beacons into your event will allow you to track show-over-show data allowing you to adjust based on fact and not conjecture – conjecture never helped anyone!

Whether it is with the Core-apps powerful sponsorship and communication beacons or working with us to determine a setup allowing you to track attendee patterns during your show, beacons are a great tool in your utility belt which have thus far stood the test of event tech time!

Interested in learning more? Contact us to learn more about how we can actualize your event technology vision.