Skip the Gimmicks and See What Your Event App Can Do!

Core-Apps Team

August 29, 2017

    Event Organizers, keep up with tech to understand what is truly innovative.

    Your event app has powerful, configurable features that can do a lot of great things for engaging attendees and exhibitors. So before you invest in event technology hardware like LED bracelets and lanyard sensors, look first to your event app provider for innovative new features that are more dynamic and sustainable.

    For example, a trendy device that started at live music concerts has permeated the conference world, as evidence at an event we took part in last week.

    The blinky bracelet phenomenon is cool, don’t get me wrong. But it’s cool at a Coldplay concert with 50,000 other blinky bracelets, tied to a system that can control the colors of the bracelets in time with the music, throughout a giant arena. Not at a conference where the attendees are seated and in business attire, and it’s well before cocktail hour!

    Event gimmicks

    When your audience members are professionals, and they’re in business attire and at your event for professional reasons, unless you represent the blinky bracelet industry, forget it. It’s a poor use of the technology, a waste of money and professionals don’t want to be treated like this juvenile gimmick will somehow come across as innovative.

    Single use, blinky bracelet

    Single use, blinky bracelet


    Another popular use of an event technology gimmick is the “lanyard sensor.” The metrics associated with this technology are somewhat useless and it’s yet another single-use piece of plastic the environment doesn’t need and your attendees don’t want.

    These cheap pieces of plastic with 10 year old technology aren’t all that innovative. We think your dollars are better spent investing in event app features like Gamification, Access365, Conference Notes and more.

    We think it’s important for event organizers to get outside of their comfort zones and attend events that truly are focused on technology, even outside of the event space.

    The knowledge you’ll get from immersing yourself in the tech world will be an invaluable way for you to distinguish between “event tech snake oil” and truly adding value through technology to make your attendee’s lives easier.

    Don’t have time to get to these events? No problem, keep on top of tech news with Event Tech Brief, Venture Beat, TechCrunch, Recode and more.

    As the mobile event app world continues to evolve, you’re going to see a boom in the types of features and innovation you can do inside of your event app. Your event app should have a lot of powerful and customizable horse-power in order to provide your attendees the best possible experience.

    From engagement, to helpful wayfinding and instant access to information, your blinky bracelet or ugly lanyard sensor can’t do anything close to what you can do with your event app!

    Lower your carbon footprint and ditch the plastic chotskies! These tacky trinkets do nothing but distract your attendees. Especially since these single use pieces of hardware only work for a micro-moment!

    And if you’ve been to a Coldplay concert, you’ll know that after the show there are receptacles to recycle them for the next show. If you’re going to do it, at least recycle!

    We think organizers should just focus in on creating a stellar event app experience, that can keep attendees engaged with content pre-show, during the event and post-show.

    For more information on how we can take your event to the next level with technology, contact us today.

    Core-Apps Team