Custom Event App Design Ideas

Planning on hosting a trade, corporate, or individual event? Why not use an event app that offers tailor-fit features for both the organizers and attendees? It’s incredibly beneficial to use modern event management solutions, especially since there are already around 6.92 billion people with smartphone access.

A custom event app is a program designed to manage all digital aspects of a particular event, from organizational branding down to session summaries. These programs are developed by event management solution providers like Core-Apps. Read on to learn more about custom event apps and how they can help you make your event more successful.


Conquer your next event with the right tech in place.

Find out how to improve your events by using a branded mobile event app.


Why create a custom event app?

Most generic software only has a standard feature set, making it less than ideal for event organization. Meanwhile, a custom management event app offers several advantages that facilitate brand recognition and streamline the engagement process.

Custom branding

Around 55% of brand first impressions are based on visual elements. Hence, building a custom brand that clearly illustrates what your event and organization represent is crucial. Core-App’s award-winning custom app will allow you to create personalized icons, profiles, and other in-app elements.

Since the app is tailor-fit to accommodate your specific event management needs, it likewise provides an optimized event experience for both your attendees and staff. All of this can result in positive brand recognition.

Notification configuration

Attendees are informed about event developments and highlights primarily through digital notifications. A custom event app’s push notification feature will allow you to efficiently update your audience and send them marketing materials.

Moreover, a custom app offers configurable networking tools that will facilitate faster message relays. You can even generate sponsorship revenue by including sponsor lists, exhibitor profiles, and banner advertisements.

Floor plan guidance

Large-scale events can make attendees confused about where to go. That’s why our custom app development team at Core-Apps includes floor plan guidance and maps in all app designs. These navigation tools will help your audience know where the next session or upcoming meeting is to be held. These tools will likewise help them locate must-see exhibitors and find the best route to take.

Session tracking and summaries

A custom event schedule app can monitor all event sessions for you. This gives you and your team more time to handle other important matters, such as audience engagement. The custom app will track session check-ins and check-outs by asking each attendee to enter session codes.

Moreover, the registrants can make their own schedules and create a summary of the sessions they want to attend. To help your attendees stay on schedule, the sessions they select will be visible on the custom app’s dashboard.

A more memorable experience

Having the right custom event app design can make your event even more memorable for attendees. An event app with catchy images, logos, push notifications, and interfaces can help generate audience interest, anticipation, and participation.

Moreover, a well-optimized app that has reliable communication and guidance features can lead to higher audience satisfaction. These will make your attendees remember your event as not only entertaining or informative, but also well executed. 


Define your event objectives

To come up with the right mobile app design, you first need to define and plan out your event goals. Do you plan on hosting large events with multiple sessions? If so, you’ll want floor plan and session scheduling features to be incorporated into your custom app.

Perhaps your objective is to reinvent your company image. In this case, you’ll need an app that emphasizes your desired branding through appealing images and layout design. To ensure that the theme of the event matches the branding you want, have your event designer and custom app developer collaborate with each other.

Meanwhile, if you want a more interactive and entertaining event, you can amplify the fun with gamification. Core-Apps has many app design ideas that are sure to keep your target audience engaged and incentivized to attend. These ideas include passport games, audience voting, and treasure hunts.


Engaging attendees with the right features

Still uncertain about what features to include in your event custom app? Here are a few options that will certainly enhance overall event management and attendee engagement.

In-app messaging

Attendees will have a hard time asking queries about your event if you don’t provide a communications platform. However, providing too many communication channels can lead to confusion and overwhelm both you and your attendees. Thus, a single yet robust messaging solution built into the app is the best option. Our team at Core-Apps can incorporate a user-friendly and responsive in-app messaging feature into your custom event management app.

Network building

As an event organizer, one of your objectives is to attract your target audience, exhibitors, and sponsors. Hence, you’ll benefit from a custom app that has a network-building feature. Core-Apps provides networking tools that facilitate one-on-one connections, messages, and meetings. Moreover, our advanced registration and AMS/CRM systems automatically add registrants to your event roster, social feed, and push notifications.

Session rating

Attendee ratings and reviews allow you and your team to constantly improve. This makes feedback gathering an essential post-event undertaking. To make the process easier, our custom event app includes session rating features, which can help you conduct surveys and polls that identify general attendee sentiment and determine how much traction each session is generating.


Personalize your app design

For over 14 years, Core-Apps has been developing custom mobile event software solutions for various corporations, associations, and individuals. Each event management app we make is designed to cater to our client’s specific needs and requests. 

For instance, we can personalize your app’s layout and interface to make it match your preferred branding. Furthermore, we can develop user-specific personalization features from the ground up.  By partnering with Core-Apps, you can leverage a functional and unique app design.


Measuring the success of your custom event app

Let us help you launch successful events and campaigns by taking advantage of the data analysis capabilities in our app design. Using data gathered from post-event surveys, our system can provide illustrations of attendee interaction and engagement levels. It can also assess the overall reception your custom event app and past events received. For added convenience, all of this information can be accessed through the software dashboard.


Look No Further for Your Complete Custom Event App

From custom branding to session tracking and summaries, there are several benefits to creating a custom event management app. If you want the best custom app solutions provider, look no further than Core-Apps. Our custom app development team can provide all the personalization features you need, whether an in-app messaging interface or a network-building platform. Schedule a consultation for custom app design for your next event by visiting our website.

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