Keep Your Audience Engaged with a Year-Round Mobile App!

Core-Apps Team

February 11, 2016

    Fresh content, notifications and social media activity keep the engagement going

    You work hard to create content and an audience for your mobile event app to encourage engagement. But when the event ends, do users delete the app to free-up space on their mobile device?

    If the app is no longer useful to them, there’s a high chance that they would delete your mobile event app to free-up space on their smartphone.

    But, how can you prevent them from deleting your app? Simple. You need to engage them with content on a regular basis.

    It’s a well-known marketing fact that useful and interesting content keeps users engaged. If you’re adding new content on a regular basis, then this may become an app that they simply can’t live without.

    Lucky you! You can easily communicate with your audience all year-round through your mobile app! Using your app as a main source for information sharing can help ensure your message gets through. Stop relying on email marketing since your messages may just end up in the spam folder – losing its value to you and your audience!

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    Mobile apps are extremely beneficial when relevant content is provided to users on an on-going basis. Always plan your content for more than just the event dates. By creating and delivering content year-round, you keep your audience engaged. The hard part is building the audience. Don’t waste the effort by not keeping them engaged.

    Prior to your event, plan to create a schedule that includes the type of content that you want to share with your audience.  Some pre-event content ideas can include who’s speaking, who’s attending, pre-event surveys, and what to look forward to at the event. You can even create content focusing on sponsors and exhibitors. Choose things you think your audience has an interest in. By adding content prior to the start of the event, you’ll ensure app downloads before the event even begins.

    After the event is over, share highlights from sessions, exhibitions, and networking events. Use surveys to measure audience feedback. Again, keep it relevant and interesting. Add some app marketing (download our marketing playbook here) along the way and deliver consistent content  post-event and you’ll be well on your way to creating a year round communication device that connects you with your target audience.

    An additional benefit to consider is that you will likely increase your sponsorships by providing an additional vehicle for year-round engagement and advertising opportunities. Smart sponsors would be willing to pay more for that additional access.

    If you have any questions or need some tips on content creation, we’re here to help!

    Core-Apps Team