Core-apps is the market leader because we work as partners, we’re a total solution, and our team members are experts in events and technology.

Total Solution

A total event tech solution saves you time and money. One big advantage of using Core-apps is that you have a single team to work with to help solve and support your event technology needs. We work with you to build your event apps and we’re with you every step of the way. Consider us a full-service solution, your Core-apps account team makes it easy!

Product Bundling

You also save money – by bundling services you get a better price and no additional cost for integration into other platforms. And your data no longer lives separately. Your comprehensive view into your event analytics also helps to shape a path to understanding your historical data, predictive intelligence and an overall return-on-event.

Data integration

With over 50 established connections to other vendors in the event industry, Core-apps is a master at integrating with other databases – giving our customers a vast array of choices when using our products.

You name it, we can handle it. Stone tablet? No problem! At Core-apps our services include seamless and total integration between your app and the industry’s top CRMs and database tools. We specialize in taking your complex data and make it simple to display.

For scientific shows, finding a mobile app provider that can handle abstracts and posters can be a difficult process. We handle posters and abstracts with ease. This information can be extremely difficult to maneuver, but our seasoned team is knowledgeable on how to manage this type of complexity.

We have the most experience of any mobile app provider at providing easy to navigate access to large lists of posters and abstracts, huge poster sessions, gigantic lists of authors and speakers

Event Technology Security

Your audience’s data should be top-of-mind. Core-apps is a leading resource for event technology innovation and ideas. And we practice what we preach.

If it is a secret it is best kept off a mobile app We use SSL encryption on all transactions We value and promote commercially reasonable best practices.

Our apps are secure on all devices and we take extra measures to ensure that… We do that by… Because your security is only as good as your…

Analytics Reporting

We offer an extensive stats portal that gives you the data you need while protecting the privacy of users. We can offer detailed stats that go far beyond number of downloads and which platforms were used. Contact your sales associate for details on the available options.

Our team will also walk you through your analytics once your event is over, so you have an understanding of how your apps were utilized and what changes you can make to optimize for the future.