Mobile app technology

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Discover a user-friendly mobile app that empowers your network and amplifies your community. Since events and networking are the top drivers of member engagement, find out how this integration can add more potential to your large and complex member events.

Transform how members experience your events while keeping the power in your hands. Be the leader in communicating event activities through personalized agenda and gamification, analyzing member activity, and maximizing your sponsors’ ROI with sponsor highlights.

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Mobile app technology


Master complex event management while maximizing the attendee experience.

Uncover post-show analytics.

Analyze post-member data through a robust user dashboard to make informed decisions for your next event.

Increase revenue.

Monetize your event app by selling sponsorship perks to your exhibitors and industry partners, like push notifications or banner ads.

Capture member attention.

Keep attendees active through passport games, treasure hunts, prizes, audience voting, and more.

Integrate to the Aptify platform, seamlessly.

Easily integrate with leading registration, event management, Aptify systems, and more.

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Conquer your next event with the right tech in place.

Find out which mobile app features will help make your events more engaging, memorable, and seamless for everyone involved.

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