Innovative Mobile Apps for Trade Shows of All Sizes

The trade show industry continues to see an evolution in terms of how organizers, exhibitors and attendees interact with the entire show ecosystem.

The trade show ecosystem includes the pre-show experience, during the show and post-show. Nothing does a more powerful job of connecting all three of these user-experiences like your mobile event app.

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Building your trade show app:

Your pre-event app experience starts of course with building the app. When you work with Core-apps you have a team of event app experts from our sales team, to our account team to our technologists all supporting your goals. We’ll work with you on executing your vision of custom graphics, features that make sense with your exhibitor and attendee and profile. We’ll also make sure to work backwards from that analytics that mean the most for your post-show reporting. Remember, your trade show app will have a ton of useful data, but thinking ahead about how to slice and dice that data will be helpful as your put together your event app goals.

Promoting your trade show app:

Event app promotion is also a critical component of your pre-show communications. We hear from a lot of our client’s that getting event app buy-in throughout your organization from the top-down is an important part of event app downloads and engagement. You’ll want the entire staff downloading, understanding and talking about the app, just as much as your outbound communication does.

During the trade show, outside of the obvious uses of collateral and signage to promote app downloads, consider adding an app tutorial at the help desk, and announcing app info at  the start of sessions and presentations. The more app downloads you get from your entire audience, the better engagement, experience and metrics you will gain.


Trade show app analytics:

An important component of post-event reporting should include mobile event app analytics. Your Core-apps account team is available to help you pull reports and make sense of the data. We’re here to support your trade show event app success, and make it a priority to ensure your entire team understands the importance of what these metrics mean for your past event and your future events.