Award Winning Event Apps for Conferences

Professionals continue to rely on conferences for education and networking and as an important component of their annual schedules. Conferences that are dedicated to evolving year-after-year and with a focus on catering to innovative professionals must be able to learn from past events and pivot towards the future.

Event apps for conferences and education events must focus on three priorities.


1. Seamless Experience

Ever use an app so seamless that is truly makes your life easier? Think of apps like Uber, your airline app and even the Facebook app. After all, the root word of app is “application” – so the apps you most frequently use more often than not, do something for you.

Designing a frictionless user-experience for your conference and event app is part art and part science. Your Core-apps team will work with you to learn more about your audience, your event, you goals and the analytics that will help you understand how to scale your event. We work backwards from these goals to craft a customized user-experience that will help you attendees have the best possible experience at your event.

Ideally, using your event app should be as easy as the other apps in your attendees daily lives that do something for them. Whether it’s an interactive map, session room routing or favorites, we’ll work with you to create an experience as seamless as their every day apps.

2. Event Engagement

People come to conferences for many reasons, but education and networking are a top priority. So you event app should reflect these goals as well.

Core-apps will help you prioritize event app features that  meet the needs of your attendees. Whether that’s posters and ??, networking features, audience response system, documents, social media and more.

You can also consider your event app as an ongoing engagement channel. Our Access 365 feature turns your event app into a year-round engagement tool to reach your audience and attendees. It’s a simple way to extend the life of your app and utilize it for much more than just events. For more information on this feature, visit this page.

Another important feature to consider for engagement is our Conference Notes product. This revolutionary event app add-on enables second-screen engagement for presentations. The real-time functionality allow attendees to dynamically follow along on presentations, scroll back and forth through the slides, make notes and highlights and share with colleagues. Conference Notes will also allow app users to refer back to their favorite presentations and notes. For more information on this powerful tool, visit this page.

Overall your conference app should be viewed as an opportunity to extend two priorities of conference attendees; education and networking. Your Core-apps team will help you customize the features that can accomplish your goals and meet the needs of your ever evolving attendee profile.


3. Analytics

Print collateral, signage, even one-off presentations, have a limited life span and don’t offer much in the way of feedback or data. That’s why innovation conference and meeting organizers prioritize mobile apps for their events. They understand that creating a customized event app offers mission critical data for understanding event success and creating a plan for future engagement and scale.

Your Core-apps team will help you understand the important metrics you’re able to harvest from your event app and how to slice and dice the data to create meaningful insight for all layers of your organization.

Contact us for more information on our powerful event app analytics dashboard for conference and meeting organizers.