Truth is that people love videos.  There are many different varieties of videos that you can create to show off your event app or event technology.  You can make an entertaining video with music and a voice-over talking about your event and how the viewer can improve their overall experience at the show by downloading and using the app.  You can also create tutorials.  These will make sure that all of your attendees know how to use the app and know about all of the features that you spent so much time working on to make their lives at your event so much easier.

Every event is different, so you have to decide what you think your audience will appreciate more. You can always do a variety of different videos and see what captures their attention the most.  It’s all about trial and error but here are some tips that may help you create the perfect video.

1. Don’t lose their attention! It’s not only important to make the content of the video entertaining, it also is important to think of the length of the video.   You need to capture the viewer’s attention in the first 3-5 seconds, so make sure this isn’t wasted on unnecessary branding or a lengthy introduction.  It’s okay to have an introduction, just limit the length.  Get to the point, quickly! If the information that the audience is seeking isn’t shown right away, you may lose their attention and they will search elsewhere for the information that they are seeking.

2. Put the videos on your website.  Along with the other marketing to help promote your app, make sure to add your videos to your website.  You may have your own way of doing things but the easiest way to put your video up on the site is to upload it to YouTube.  Once it is uploaded to YouTube, get the embed code and add it to the html on your web page.  The good thing about having it on YouTube is that if you properly optimized the video (using an appropriate title, description, thumbnails and tags), someone that is searching Google for your app may come across the video as well.  Google loves videos!

3. Ask sponsors, speakers and exhibitors to promote your app on their website.  Obviously if people are going to your exhibitors’ websites, they are interested in their service and/or product.  If your exhibitors have your event app video on their website and their customers see it and are attending your event, it is very likely that they will watch the video, download the app and add them to their QuickList to visit that exhibitor and/or speaker/session.

We are here to help and we offer video creation for our customers.  If you are interested in having a video done for your event, please contact your sales rep. or email

Below are some examples on what you can do.

Great video to show you all the features of the NAMM Mobile Event App.


ASIS Mobile Event App using just screen shots


Tutorial on the Friends/Social Feature in the Core-apps Mobile App