Our partners at The NAFEM Show are using FollowMe to its best advantage. Through signage and promotion, they’re ensuring that the largest possible number of their attendees are using the app. But what if some attendees don’t have smartphones? The NAFEM Show has a solution for that too—the app station.

A clearly-labeled sign tells people that this is their one-stop shop for finding out what they need to know. If they have a smartphone (as the vast majority of attendees do), they can scan the QR code and install the app on the spot. If they don’t have one with them, the iPad has the app running and they can use it to browse the interactive map, look up Exhibitor information, or even find a place for lunch.

At Core-apps we work with our partners to meet whatever needs their particular show might have, and The NAFEM Show’s willingness to innovate demonstrates yet another way that FollowMe and EventLink from Core-apps can give your attendees the best possible experience.