We often celebrate apps we’ve built that create a unique level of engagement for our client’s attendees. RootsTech 2017, held this past February in Salt Lake City, is one of those events that gave us the opportunity to try unique features, flex our creative muscles and technical prowess.

RootsTech is a global family history event where people of all ages learn to discover, share and celebrate their family connections across generations through technology. At RootsTech, there is something for everyone, no matter your family history or your skill level in technology.

The RootsTech team is always interested in trying something new and innovative at their events. This year’s show had a “food and family” theme and the icing on the cake was keynote Buddy Valastro from the hit TLC Show Cake Boss!

unspecified-13We partnered with the organizers to create a great mobile app experience, but within the last few days before the show, the Core-apps team and the organizers conceived the idea of featuring a cake decorating contest through the app.

The RootsTech event app was created on top of our comprehensive Follow Me platform, that offers organizers a suite of cutting-edge features.

But getting the cake decorating contest’s voting application up and running, and with short notice, involved a team of people from both Core-apps and the organizer’s side.

Tara Bergeson is on the RootsTech team and says she’s grateful that Core-apps brought her vision to life!

“We faced two challenges with this contest that Core-apps solved”, she said. “It was important that we could offer people that weren’t at the event, the opportunity to vote too. But after Untitled-1looking for a free option, our Core-apps sales person recommended that we just use their Treasure Hunt gamification feature to enable the voting. This worked out great, but the second challenge was the fact that we couldn’t see the cakes until right before the event. Once they were delivered, we had a professional
photographer shoot them, and sent them on to Core-apps to implement into the app.”

Upon receiving the photos, over the weekend, our team sprung into action configuring the contest, the voting details and an optimized experience for both attendees and at-home participants.

“I worked with members of your team until 4am to get everything ready for the contest, your team was on top of everything! People wanted to go back to the app even after the show was finished just to see the photos of the cakes”, she said.

Our app analytics show over 2,000+ votes and post-event downloads and activity. Tara says they also plan to use the app for year-round engagement, a feature that can be extended through our Access 365 feature.

“The winner of the contest was the haunted house, not made by a professional. She won cash, some kitchen appliances and an autographed apron from the Cake Boss.” And of course the glory of being the first RootsTech event app enabled contest winner!

For more information on how to add Gamification to your event app, please contact us.