The Mobile Event App industry continues to grow annually as adoption, download, and usage rates consistently increase. Expect more events to utilize mobile apps since they’re engaging and packed with features. This is great news for exhibitors, sponsors, and event organizers!

But the most important factor is the usage rate that ultimately leads to ROI – for all stakeholders involved. Think about it, are your attendees REALLY using your mobile app?

Mobile App Usage

At Core-apps, the answer is a resounding YES!

We’re seeing significantly more year-over-year views and interactions – along with increased networking. Also, state-of-the-art mapping and routing tools have allowed users to hop from one event to another without any hassle at all!

Through in-app tools like iBeacons, targeted alerts, and live audience response, we found that organizations are able to effectively communicate with their audience and are easily collecting useful information from them.

In our most recent project, PCMA Convening Leaders in Vancouver, Canada, our mobile app had a whopping 6,000+ downloads – with only 3,826 attendees at the live event.

That’s over 150% download rate! We were impressed too!

Why is the usage rate for this app so high?

1. Increased Awareness of the Organization’s App

In some cases, events are in their 2nd or 3rd year of deploying a Mobile Event App. Attendees may have seen, but not used the App in prior years. As the reach grows along with the number of users, so does their interest and to see what everyone is talking about! In addition, organizations have become better at marketing these tools. Through proper signage including the use of QR codes and employing innovative strategies that include “how to” videos; awareness is at an all-time high. The lesson here is to start with an Event App sooner than later, and to promote it everywhere you can . . .

2. Ease of Use

Is your Mobile Event App easy to use?

Is it intuitive – especially for first timers?

What is your App provider doing to promote usage?

Mobile Event Apps began winning technology awards several years ago and in addition, they’ve continued to innovate, adapt to new ideas, and become very user friendly. Key advancements, like Contextual Help within the App, have gone a long way toward making navigation and usage commonplace at your Event.

Put yourself in the position of being a first time user – what is your organization and their App provider doing to make it easy?

3. Show Organizers and Meeting Planners are Embracing Apps as Part of their Strategy

Organizations have communication strategies, as well as emergency action plans. They have growth & revenue objectives, and target markets. Today, it’s all about new products and culture. Mobile Event Apps that are properly deployed work in conjunction with all of these important corporate initiatives. Your Mobile App provider can consult best practices and will share techniques that deliver results, including taking the App to a year-round tool for delivering strategic communication and content to your members and participants . . .

4. Increased Comfort with the Technology

Mobile Apps are everywhere! And yet, we’re still in the development phase of its tool and capabilities. While the phrase “people use what they know and don’t use what they don’t know” still rings true, more and more meeting participants use an App at some point in their daily lives. We’re definitely helped by millennials and those that are eager to deploy new technologies, but we’re also getting there as an event community as well. It’s ok to step out of your comfort zone . . .

5. Organizations Aren’t Providing Alternatives

Organizations are forgoing the option to hand out printed copies of the full agenda. During live sessions, physical handouts aren’t being passed around. With a strategic decision to stop printing, organizations are saving money and practicing sustainability. They have moved to full implementation of the Mobile App. Yes, it is time to “cut the cord” on some of those traditional practices. . .


Core-apps is proud to be PCMA’s official Mobile Event App provider. You can view the App for Convening Leaders 2016 by searching for PCMA Events in your App Store.

Written by: Scott Andryk, Core-apps Sales – February 1, 2016

Photo Credit: Adam Fagan