2013-06-28_1111logoLong time Core-app partners IAFC (International Association of Fire Chiefs) knows that creating a mobile app is only the start of a successful mobile experience. It’s also important to promote your app and integrate it into the entire show.

This year their Fire-Rescue International show (FRI) employs two fire chiefs showing us the “old way” and the “new way,” and the new is clearly mobile. One of the key reasons to go mobile is the ability to update your schedule on the fly. FRI points this out by showing that a day planner or paper schedule can’t update you when a session has changed location or time, or when there’s a special event happing in the exhibit hall. A mobile app is essential to stay connected, and promotional materials for the app really help people understand that a mobile app is far more than just an electronic copy of the program.

To see how the IAFC makes the most of their mobile apps, visit their show site here.