Game On!

By Meghan Hambrick

Who else was ready to see summer take a hike?

With fall in full swing – bring out the sweaters, pumpkin spice everything and football! Speaking of football, at the top of my Trend Watch list this month, we find gamification.

This industry created buzz word has actually been around since the days of paper bingo cards and punch tickets. You remember. Some of you may even still do this at your conference. Exhibitors would pay to have their logo present on a bingo card. Attendees would be incentivized to visit those booths to earn a stamp. When their card was full, they’d be entered to win a prize. Fast forward 10 years and say hello to the new face of in app games. 

The Quest, Scavenger Hunt, Gateway to Giveaways, Path to Prizes. Call it what you will, getting attendees to interact with your event and your content through gamification is HOT. Games don’t have to be restricted to the show floor. Throw in some educational sessions, off-site networking receptions and secret code words with various point values. Spice things up further with some healthy competition and add a Leaderboard so attendees can see how they’re stacking up.

Remember, it’s important to provide a compelling reason for your attendees to participate. Great, not just good, prizes. On the flip side, it’s equally as important to communicate the benefit of participating with your exhibitors and sponsors. For a successful game, there should be buy in from both sides.

Enhancing user experiences through gamification has grown in popularity but we’ve seen some fads along the way. Namely Pokémon Go. Remember this gem? Took off like a bottle rocket, and came crashing down a month later. (see my post on this here).

As show organizers, it’s important to know where to draw the line. Like the clothes in your closet, what is just a fad and what is here to stay? What will provide value vs. drain your wallet? What will engage vs. distract? As your event technology partner, it’s our job to use our experience to help guide the way.

Reach out to your sales representative today to learn how you can add gamification to your app. Rest assured it’s here to stay. For more information contact us!