The 2 year anniversary of our GoExpo Software acquisition just passed the other day and I was reflecting on how proud I am of our team here at Core-apps.

GoExpo Event Technology

The integration of GoExpo’s Event Management Software into our product line and the GoExpo’s staff into our team is complete. We really enhanced our company with this acquisition and now we make one really great team!

Adding event management software to our portfolio was really about what our customers were asking for in a technology partner. We heard time and time again, managing several technology vendors was costly and it took too much work for our customers. So we set a goal to eliminate that as much as possible.

I am happy to report that many customers have switched and are enjoying these benefits. The number of happy customers increases every day! Customers that are working with Core-apps as their total solutions provider are really seeing the benefit of working with a single technology partner rather than having to deal with multiple companies. All of our products are first tier and designed to work together seamlessly and there are no more costs for sharing data.

All of the event data captured in GoExpo will seamlessly transfer into an award winning Mobile App and/or Wayfinder product.  Not only have we saved many of our customers time and money with our total solution, but we have also enhanced their user experience for the event(s).

We know that there are many Mobile App providers to choose from and a few Event Management Software companies as well, but none of them can offer a total solution like Core-apps. Let us show you how easy it can be working with a single dedicated team of industry professionals. We are focused on customer service and enhancing your event.

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