Includes a suite of interactive new tools for Organizers and Exhibitors

Arnold, Maryland, November 29, 2016 – Core-apps, the leading technology platform for the events industry, announced today that the company will preview three new mobile app features at next week’s IAEE Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting & Exposition.

The new features are a reflection of the company’s dedication to innovation and to building products for the future of events.

“We are always looking to innovate and solve problems with new ideas,” said Jay Tokosch, Core-apps CEO. “We build features that Organizers, Exhibitors and Attendees find useful and innovative. That is how we’ve grown in the past and that is how we will continue to grow our business and our platform.”

Core-apps recently acquired Patented technology through their agreement with AstraZeneca’s Conference Notes. The company has also recently filed their first Patent application for Showcase XD, a new tool that enables Exhibitors to build interactive digital product catalogs for in-booth engagement.

“We are excited to bring Showcase XD to the trade show industry. This disruptive technology is a new revenue opportunity for Event Organizers and a dynamic new tool for Exhibitors.” Tokosch continues, “Showcase XD is a cost effective app, built for the booth of the future, it cuts down on print collateral and offers in-depth analytics for Exhibitors to continue the engagement funnel.”

Additionally Access 365 will be previewed at Expo! Expo! ­– a new feature that enables an event app to power year-round content and engagement for core constituencies.

The new features include the following, and will be available in 2017:

Conference Notes:Conference Notes
o   Helps Attendees seamlessly engage with conference presentations through their devices
o   Allows attendees to take notes on a presentation in various colors and highlights
o   Enables attendees to share their notes and key information with peers
o   Attendees can easily replay presentations and notes that are recorded
o   Extensive data available for each presenter, for example “most popular slide” and “slide with the most notes”

Showcase XD: Patent Pending DPC_VID_STILL_005_update
o   For Event Organizers:

It’s an opportunity to offer a new product that bridges the gap between the booth and a data-rich digital experience
o   For Exhibitors:
Showcase XD is an exciting new tool to help demonstrate products, tracks user experience, and automatically sends follow up emails
o   For Attendees:
It’s an interactive display designed for engagement, inspiration and detailed product information

Access 365:
o   Turns an event app into an on-going engagement tool man-coffee-cup-pen 1
o   Give the audience access to regular information and updates about your organization
o   Engage with your audience year-round with mobile app Alerts
o   Review your analytics to see what is trending and how your users are engaging with your content
o   Keeps an organization’s mission and value top-of-mind with members and followers

These new features will be available for preview at the Core-apps booth at IAEE Expo! Expo!, taking place in Anaheim, CA the week of Dec 5th 2016.

About Core-apps:
Core-apps is the leading provider of event technology for the Trade Show and Events Industry. The company supports more than 50% of the Top 250 Trade Shows and is the only event technology platform offering Event Management, Mobile Apps, Beacons and Kiosks as 4 tier-one solutions. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Arnold, Maryland and serves customers around the globe. For more information email us at info [at]