Traci Browne from Trade Show News Network speaks with Core-Apps CEO about mobile app security:

Jay Tokosch, CEO of Core-Apps, said that if someone wants to hack into your app, he or she has all day to do it. It’s not like information stored on servers, where alarms go off when certain suspicious activities are taking place.

Tokosch said, “When our customers say, ‘we want the attendee list on the mobile app’, I say show me your privacy policy that says you can do that.”

Tokosch admits, “Locking down (an event app) with a password adds a level of frustration. If you want to open it up, then that’s fine but just be aware of what you’re putting on the app. Make the networking feature opt-in.”

“Sit down with your mobile app providers and talk about what information you want to put in your app and the best way to protect it,” Tokosch said.

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