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Apple’s App Store Policy for Event Apps

As the leading provider of event apps, we feel it is important for our clients, colleagues and partners to understand our position. Our business model has always been to act as a trusted partner for our clients, and that first and foremost means assurance that their apps will be compliant and ready for use on all intended platforms. Click the link above for the latest update on our response to Apple's App Store approval process for event apps.


Core-apps, LLC, the event industry’s leading total solution software technology provider, is pleased to announce that they have been selected to provide the event mobile app for all of the 2016 PCMA events starting with Convening Leaders, January 10-13, 2016. “In 2016, our event app, powered by Core-apps, offers more options for PCMA to engage our participants with features content via push, geo-fencing, and iBeacons; this is a win-win for all,” said Jason Paganessi, PCMA Vice President of Business Innovations.

The Holy Grail – a Year-round Mobile Event App!

O.K, O.K., having a year-round mobile event app may not be the holy grail to some – but to us app makers it is music to our ears! Why? Because, it gets our app out there and then it is being used all year long. It’s like writing a song and hearing it on the radio! But no, this blog is not all about us, it's about you and why it is important to think of your mobile app being used year round.

What’s on everyone’s mind lately?? App security!!

Recently, the event industry has taken notice concerning security within mobile apps based on an article concerning the RSA mobile app by Quick Mobile “Security researchers from IOActive have decided to take a look at the app to see just how secure it is. In a short amount of time, they identified a total of six flaws.”[1] The article notes two issues that are really concerning: