Event technology and digital marketing leaders launch collaboration to provide client’s with the expertise and resources to increase digital media usage and revenue

Arnold, Maryland and Parsippany, New Jersey – December, 5th 2013 – Core-apps, a leading provider of online and mobile technology, and IndustryConnect, a leading provider of digital marketing and sales solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to help client’s increase their digital revenue. The result of the collaboration will be a new offering called ‘Core-apps PRO Services’ and will include all of the necessary resources and expertise to effectively sell digital marketing sponsorships to exhibitors as well as increase attendee usage of online and mobile tools.

“Many of our trade show client’s feel that they do not have the extra in-house resources to focus on working with their exhibitors to sell the broad range of sponsorship inventory we now have available” said Jay Tokosch, CEO of Core-apps. He added, “There is a tremendous amount of revenue being left on the table and we are excited to now have the capability to help them harvest it via this new partnership with IndustryConnect”.

The collaboration between Core-apps and IndustryConnect will focus on both short and long term initiatives. The first step is to ensure that attendee usage rates are as high as possible, while streamlining and optimizing the exhibitor sales process. The second is to continue to build on that momentum, year over year, to make digital media revenue an ever-growing profit center for trade show organizers.

“Over the years, we have found that two key things are necessary for a trade show to execute a truly successful digital business model; a fully integrated online, mobile and on-site user experience and a dedicated marketing and exhibitor sales team to support it” said Dave Einzig, CEO of IndustryConnect. “We were thrilled when we saw Core-apps expanding their offerings beyond mobile and into online and wayfinder solutions, and are now very much looking forward to helping their clients utilize all of this great technology to its fullest potential.”

About Core-apps
Core-apps was founded in March 2009 to focus solely on technology for the event industry. Core-apps is the creator of FollowMe, EventLink, and MemberDirect, leading mobile applications for trade shows, events, and associations. In August Core-apps acquired GoExpo, an event management system, to seamlessly integrate show management into the Core-apps technology platform. To date, Core-apps is the leading mobile app in the event industry with over 600 events using our mobile apps globally done in multiple languages. For more information, please visit www.core-apps.com. Core-apps, LLC, 1290 Bay Dale Drive #319, Arnold, MD 21012, +1(443) 424-CORE (443-424-2673)

About IndustryConnect
Founded in 2005 and currently headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, IndustryConnect partners with trade show organizers to support their organizations with the expertise and resources required to execute highly effective online and mobile strategies. Our mission is to help trade show organizers offer considerable new value to their attendee and exhibitor participants via technology that actually works. We have proven models that engage attendees and exhibitors before, during and after a show, utilizes that engagement to drive participation in to online and mobile offerings that they enjoy using and then leverages that success to discover substantial new digital revenue. For more information, please visit www.industryconnect.com. IndustryConnect, 2001 Route 46 #310, Parsippany, NJ 07054, +1(800) 288-1440.