Have you heard about EventExpress?

Event Management software isn’t only for the big trade shows and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Our Event Express Solution can also enhance events that are education focused. Event Express helps Organizers manage sessions, speakers, forms, attendee profiles with schedule building and provides a CRM for email campaigns. Included with Event Express: Forms tool… Read more »

Apps for Better Event Management

Technology can help add value to your events and make it a smoother and professional experience Due to the need to enhance the live attendee experience, the value of mobile devices for events has increased immensely. The justification for having one has now moved beyond reasons that solely benefit the organiser (being green, going paperless, creating revenue streams or being able to communicate… Read more »

How Mobile Apps Directly Benefit Exhibitors at Trade Shows

Trade shows are in many ways unique to other conferences and events. The goals of attendees and exhibitors alike often revolve around lead generation, research and the sale of a product and service, while industry education and other event favorites are less a priority. Understanding the benefits of a mobile app from the unique viewpoint… Read more »

iBeacon for Events

iBeacon for Events, floor analytics, indoor location and more… Once again Apple has triggered an event-industry innovation streak. Its iBeacon—a small piece of hardware that transmits signals to a smart device—has sparked the imagination of leading mobile app developers, several of whom have announced beacon-enabled features for their existing event apps. What is iBeacon? iBeacon… Read more »