Start Promoting Your App Early

We at Core-apps always emphasize this: “Effectively promoting your mobile app is important to fully achieve your download and usage goals.” As an organizer, you want to capture as many app downloads as you possibly can through pre-event promotion.  It is necessary to not only promote downloading the app but also to ensure that it… Read more »

Keep Your Audience Engaged with a Year-Round Mobile App!

Fresh Content, Notifications and Social Media Activity Keep the Engagement Going You work hard to create content and an audience for your mobile event app. But when the event ends, do users delete the app to free-up space on their mobile device? If the app is no longer useful to them, there’s a high chance… Read more »

Use Video to Market Your Event Technology

Truth is that people love videos.  There are many different varieties of videos that you can create to show off your event app or event technology.  You can make an entertaining video with music and a voice-over talking about your event and how the viewer can improve their overall experience at the show by downloading… Read more »

Apps for Better Event Management

Technology can help add value to your events and make it a smoother and professional experience Due to the need to enhance the live attendee experience, the value of mobile devices for events has increased immensely. The justification for having one has now moved beyond reasons that solely benefit the organiser (being green, going paperless, creating revenue streams or being able to communicate… Read more »

On-Site Promotion For Your Event App

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, and as much as an oxymoron as this is, face-to-face events are no exception. Creating an app for your event that your attendees will enjoy can be quite time consuming. So once you get that app complete, how do you get people to not only download it but actually… Read more »