The Importance of the Second Year Event Quotient “2YQ”

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The Importance of First Timers and the Second-Year Quotient

Organizers are constantly looking for any edge to grow their shows. But those who plan and consider the Second Year Quotient can experience a big difference – both to the bottom line and attendee
satisfaction. “2YQ” can be strategic planning factor that is based on the likelihood first-time attendees will return to the same event in the future.

Driving return attendance is a hot button issue for event organizers and it has a lot to do with a
first-timer having a good experience. There are many ways to ensure first-timers have a good
experience, and your event technology can be a major component of that success. But let’s first take a look at why it’s so important to consider the 2YQ in the planning stage.

Why is the Second Year Quotient Important?

EA16yDoR2veKrc-nNDodNgFpIZh5LVLDnY9AyyStKrm5fcPqybcCof4HlTXk74rUHCJj-qCXbyhio_Xqv0FOXUQCOeb8b_IpYGj72ZA=w640According to The 2016 Benchmark & Trends in
Attendee Acquisition report, trade shows spend an
estimated $300,000 on a wide range of marketing tactics to increase attendance. After all this time, money and
resources, if you’re lucky, you hit your net new
attendance goal.

But if you can get attendees to come back to your event for a second year – improving your Second Year
Quotient – there’s an increased likelihood they’ll make your show part of their annual event calendar. And there are big benefits when repeat attendees come back year after year.

Event organizers should look to the business world for customer acquisition cost data and the value of returning business or in our case repeat attendance:

The cost of acquiring a new customer is four to ten times more than retaining an existing one. If you boost your Second Year Quotient, you’ll have to spend less on marketing. Data on customer acquisition costs supports this theory.

According to a Harvard Business School study, increasing retention rates by five percent
typically increases profits by 25 to 95%.

With the potential for big payoffs, organizers should look to event technology as an important way to support a good first year experience – and thereby increase their Second Year Quotient.

Here are five tips on how to best prepare an event technology strategy to achieve a positive 2YQ:

People Taking Picture With GoPro Selfie Stick Camera

People Taking Picture With GoPro Selfie Stick Camera

1.     Match Your App Features with Your Event’s Persona

A key part of your Second Year Quotient plan is aligning your event technology strategy with your event persona. What are your attendees’ characteristics? What’s most important to them during your event experience – education, seeing new products or networking?

This audience understanding will shape your event technology strategy. For example, a Pokemon Go-inspired technology activation that relies heavily on gamification, doesn’t fit the typical event persona found at many medical shows.

networking2.     Use the “First Timers” Feature in Your Event App 

While you’re in the earliest event planning stages, take a moment to walk in a first-timer’s shoes. They’ve never been to your event before. There’s good chance they could easily be overwhelmed and intimidated figuring out how to make connections or navigate the show floor.

Ask yourself how first-timers can get the most out of your event by walking away with an experience worthy of a slot on their annual calendar. This mindset will not only shape your “First Timer” content, but may spark other areas in which this helpful content can be featured throughout your event app.

For example, popular “First Timer” content can include dedicated meet-ups, highlighting sessions geared to new attendees, first-timer incentives at local restaurants or activities to check out in free time.

people-woman-coffee-meeting3.     Plan the Pre-Event Experience

Make it a priority to identify first-time attendees during the registration process so you can create a segmented group of newbies and address their unique needs.

Give them helpful and tailored tips, ideas and information well before they land on-site, and you’re well on the way to having them form a positive impression of your event – and boosting their likelihood to return.

As one example, before they even leave for the show, remind first-time attendees to download your mobile event app. Explain how the app can be used to create a more relevant and personalized experience – especially if you’ve created a “First Timers” feature.

You can also make the pre-event experience more pleasant through special geo-fence event app alerts. These alerts contain anything from helpful information to agenda updates to safety and security notices.

photo_45963_201510054.     Activate the Live Experience

Event technology plays an important role in supporting a positive first-time experience. According to The CEIR Attendee Retention Insights study, a whopping 98 percent of respondents say the ability to compare brands, talk to experts and learn about new products is a priority.

Create a good experience by including interactive floor plans and maps in your event app to make it easy to find exhibitors and get around the show floor. For example, attendees can simply select a vendor they’d like to visit or a session to attend, and the app will highlight the best path to get there.

Organizers can also create a custom audio tour for their event app that guides attendees through a curated experience.

Eighty-three percent of repeat attendees also say it’s important to “see, touch and interact with new products.” Use event technology to create a good first year experience and make it easy for attendees to discover new products using a New Product Showcase. Use the show app to scan tags placed throughout the showcase displays. Attendees can receive detailed descriptions about new products, find the exhibitors who make them and how to learn more, all with a simple scan.

Another way you can give attendees a good first-time experience is by having them use their event app for a treasure hunt. Treasure hunts offer a fun and interactive way for your attendees to experience your show through the app. It also drives attendees to sponsor’s booths, which can increase show floor traffic, and drive exhibitor engagement.

And any first-time attendee experience isn’t complete without the ability to meet and mingle with new colleagues. Beyond simple first-time attendee badges, stickers and meet-ups, use in-app event technology networking to help attendees network with each other.

pexels-photo-15.     Use Event Data for Continuous Improvement

According to the Convention & Exhibition Management Technology Study from the Trade Show News Network, two-thirds of respondents named the “ability to use event data to improve attendance marketing and communication” as the most important event technology development in recent years.

So once your event is over, don’t forget to mine all the analytics from your event technology platform to identify additional ideas to keep improving the
attendee experience.

With pre-planning and the right event technology platform, you have a better chance of creating an amazing first-time experience that will leave attendees wanting more of your event – and returning for a second year.

Want to boost your 2Q Factor for your next event? The team at Core-apps can help! Contact us to schedule a time to connect to learn more about our products and services and to discuss your goals.

Core-apps to Sponsor Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50 Awards and Summit

TSE Fastest 50 AwardsCore-apps to supply mobile app and to preview Conference Notes
as part of Fastest 50 Awards and Summit Bronze Sponsorship

We’re pleased to support the 2017 Trade Show Executive Fastest 50 Awards and Summit with our mobile event app and powerful new feature Conference Notes.

Why Conference Notes?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could attend an education
session and have the presentation on your Conference_Notes_Preview_-_YouTube
devise so you could take notes, highlight items, or mark areas of interest right on the presentation?

How about sharing all those thoughts and the
presentation with your peers that might also be
attending the session?

Or maybe you want to share the presentation and your thoughts with your supervisor or other staff back at the office?

Good news! Your event is using Conference Notes and it can do all of that and more.

We’re pleased to preview this new feature at key presentations at this year’s event. There will be iPad’s available for attendees interested in using the app to follow along with the presentations. For more information on Conference Notes, please visit this page or contact us. See you in Chicago!

How Healthy are Your Event Technology Vendors?

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of the best(1)Just like any other check-up, understanding the health of your vendors matters because you rely on them to support and execute important aspects of your business. Your event technology vendors are no exception, since the health of their company or platform does impact your entire event ecosystem.

The event technology space has been rife with layoffs, mergers and acquisitions and
sun-setting of products that are currently in use by event organizers. These business decisions are not unusual, but do have an impact on your team’s strategy and goals.

So how can you protect yourself from getting involved with a vendor or product that has an uncertain future?

Check out our Top 5 Tips to consider before signing that next contract, to ensure you’re not scrambling to find a new solution when the news breaks that your vendor is failing.

  1. 1. Product Innovation is Stagnant
    A constant in any healthy event technology business is product innovation. If your event technology partner isn’t promoting new products and has the same stale offerings they did two years ago, that can be a sign that there’s trouble. They may have frozen product development because they’re in the process of getting acquired or worse, they just don’t have the budget to invest in the future of their platform. A good way to get an idea is to ask your sales rep what’s on their product road map. If they don’t have a good answer, that’s most likely a red flag. Core-apps has invested in three powerful new features this year, as an example of how often your event technology partner should be rolling out updates and new products.

2. Follow the News
Has there been buzz recently about massive layoffs by your event technology vendor? Or was it announced that your event technology vendor got acquired recently and core products that you use are going away? If you find yourself in this position, you probably realize now that tracking these types of news stories gives you the knowledge you need to make decisions for the future. And if you think you’re not impacted by layoffs and acquisitions, think again. These can be tell tale signs that over-leveraged companies are facing deeper problems and you can assume that your next event using their technology is not top of mind for teams facing layoffs or an uncertain future for their products. Consider setting up a Google Alert for your vendors so you can stay in the know, especially before signing your next contract.

3. Create Your Own Vendor Scorecard
Consider putting together a quick list of performance criteria that can help you and your team evaluate your event technology vendors. It doesn’t have to be crazy in-depth. Things to consider include age of the company, expertise of the founders, size of the team, quality assurance systems and customer reviews.

And remember, when it comes to venture capital investors, they come first, not customers. If your event technology vendors are beholden to investors, their company leadership will do everything possible to make them happy, not you. The impact is inconsistent pricing and poor tech support when they make cuts in the work force to keep investors happy.

4. Word-of-Mouth Matters
Want to know if you should move forward with that event technology vendor with the cool booth at that last show? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Ask your colleagues about their experience with event technology vendors you’re considering before you sign a contract. And don’t be afraid to ask your sales person for references too.

“While it may be true that the best advertising is word-of-mouth, never lose sight of the fact it also can be the worst advertising.”

5. Send Your Top Picks a Survey
Want some quick answers about which event app company to use? Send your top picks the same survey and evaluate the responses. Be bold with your questions. Get to the point by asking things like, “do you plan to shut down the product I’m currently using”, or “how will your staff layoffs impact my event”, for example. A survey to your top choices can be a barometer on which company is the best fit for your long-term goals.

Ultimately you’re responsible to your leadership about the event technology vendors you and your team select. Ensure you’re doing your homework, by properly vetting the health of your event technology vendors, before you sign your next contract.

Core-apps would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our event technology ecosystem and how we compare to other vendors in the marketplace.

Core-apps is the largest independently owned and operated event technology
company in the trade show and events space. We’re known for our technical
expertise, heroic customer care and have been in business since 2009.

As an organizer, you have probably attended many shows that utilize Core-Apps for their events. With over 800 clients and counting, we have helped organizers drive adoption, increase engagement and deliver the ROI that meets their objectives. And with over 300 features, we provide you with all the functionality you need to deliver world class events.

We hope you consider us your trusted partner as you consider your next event technology vendor. For more information on our products, services and how we compare to the competition, please contact us.

Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50 Awards

We’re pleased to support the Trade Show Executive Fastest 50 Awards & Summit on April 19-21 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Winners are selected based on the highest percentage of growth in each of the following categories: net square feet of paid exhibit space, number of exhibiting companies and number of attendees. Core-apps is a Bronze Sponsor for this year’s event. See you in Chicago!

The RootsTech App Takes the Cake!

Copy of Copy of Copy of the bestWe often celebrate apps we’ve built that create a unique level of engagement for our client’s attendees. RootsTech 2017, held this past February in Salt Lake City, is one of those events that gave us the opportunity to try unique features, flex our creative muscles and technical prowess.

RootsTech is a global family history event where people of all ages learn to discover, share and celebrate their family connections across generations through technology. At RootsTech, there is something for everyone, no matter your family history or your skill level in technology.

The RootsTech team is always interested in trying something new and innovative at their events. This year’s show had a “food and family” theme and the icing on the cake was keynote Buddy Valastro from the hit TLC Show Cake Boss!

unspecified-13We partnered with the organizers to create a great mobile app experience, but within the last few days before the show, the Core-apps team and the organizers conceived the idea of featuring a cake decorating contest through the app.

The RootsTech event app was created on top of our comprehensive Follow Me platform, that offers organizers a suite of cutting-edge features.

But getting the cake decorating contest’s voting application up and running, and with short notice, involved a team of people from both Core-apps and the organizer’s side.

Tara Bergeson is on the RootsTech team and says she’s grateful that Core-apps brought her vision to life!

“We faced two challenges with this contest that Core-apps solved”, she said. “It was important that we could offer people that weren’t at the event, the opportunity to vote too. But after Untitled-1looking for a free option, our Core-apps sales person recommended that we just use their Treasure Hunt gamification feature to enable the voting. This worked out great, but the second challenge was the fact that we couldn’t see the cakes until right before the event. Once they were delivered, we had a professional
photographer shoot them, and sent them on to Core-apps to implement into the app.”

Upon receiving the photos, over the weekend, our team sprung into action configuring the contest, the voting details and an optimized experience for both attendees and at-home participants.

“I worked with members of your team until 4am to get everything ready for the contest, your team was on top of everything! People wanted to go back to the app even after the show was finished just to see the photos of the cakes”, she said.

Our app analytics show over 2,000+ votes and post-event downloads and activity. Tara says they also plan to use the app for year-round engagement, a feature that can be extended through our Access 365 feature.

“The winner of the contest was the haunted house, not made by a professional. She won cash, some kitchen appliances and an autographed apron from the Cake Boss.” And of course the glory of being the first RootsTech event app enabled contest winner!

For more information on how to add Gamification to your event app, please contact us.

PCMA Event App Empowers Attendees at Convening Leaders

Alright, alright alright­ – PCMA Convening Leaders 2017 was a powerful way to kick off 2017!

This year’s event was a success from start to finish. From Matthew McConaughey’s inspirational opening keynote, through four days of education and networking in the heart of Austin, Texas.

Austin was a tremendous host, and the Austin Convention Center seemed to pull out all the stops, but the vastness of Texas reigns true; the ACC is no exception.

networkingAs a proud PCMA event technology partner, we got the chance to see first hand how the mobile event app helped both attendees and organizers make the most of their Convening Leaders experience.

Suppliers, vendors – meeting planners and CEO’s alike – all spent their time collaborating, exchanging ideas, and certainly enjoying more than a good time or two on Sixth Street. And the mobile app was there to help connect people, keep them up to date on all of the events and activities and get them where they needed to be.

Thankfully, most of the attendees took advantage of the official PCMA Convening Leaders mobile app, an all-encompassing resource for participants and show organizers alike. During an event like Convening Leaders, it’s important for our team to get feedback on the mobile app, even during the show. We spoke with several attendees that took advantage of what was out there, and were thankful to have the mobile app as a navigator.

“Austin did an amazing job hosting Convening Leaders 2017,” said attendee Natalie Hinman from the Orthopedic Research Society. “With such a large convention center, navigating the center and the meeting program would have been a challenge without the floor plans and schedule in the app.”

She notes that with keynote sessions, breakout sessions, brain dates and TechCentral spread throughout, it was important to know where you’re heading and what is happening next.

“I loved creating my own schedule and adding in my own appointments. Connecting with fellow attendees through the message center was great for not having to fish out business cards in hallways or at receptions, and taking notes in the app was super helpful.”

As a PCMA partner, Core-apps loves being a part of successful events. From the top down, PCMA knows how to throw an engaging and impactful experience, and the Core-apps event technology ecosystem is the backbone for empowering attedes to get the most out of any event! Be on the lookout for the PCMA EduCon event app coming soon to your favorite app store.

Need your own mobile event app or just want to nerd out on event tech?  Please contact us here.

Connect with Core-apps at PCMA Convening Leaders

Untitled-1Core-apps is kicking off 2017 in Austin, Texas at PCMA’s Convening Leaders!

We’re honored to have been selected as a PCMA 2017 partner! Our event technology will power their annual event apps, starting with the Convening Leaders conference. We are also pleased to be a part of the event, and will have a presence at the Tech Pods and Help Desk areas and our CEO Jay Tokosch will also contribute to an important panel discussion on event tech trends.

We welcome the opportunity to connect with event organizers at Convening Leaders, here is a helpful list of where to find us and how to reach us.

Join us at the Tech Pods + App Alley

Visit us at this year’s tech focused area to learn more about our event technology ecosystem, and to preview some of our new products like Conference Notes and Access 365. Our team will be on hand to tell you more about how the Core-apps total solution can save you time and money. Check out the preview video below for more information on our game-changing technology Conference Notes. We make it easy to add a new layer of digital experience to your event. For more information contact us.

Rapid Fire Chat: Tech Trend Watch, No EventProf Left Behind 

Core-apps_-_ClusterCore-apps CEO, Jay Tokosch will join this important discussion, hosted by Dahlia El Gazzar, on Monday at 2pm.

Come join this energetic panel of event technology thought leaders as they discuss tech trends that will impact your events, your organization and your teams.




keep-calm-and-use-the-helpdesk-2-257x300Core-apps at the Convening Leaders Help Desk

We’re here to help attendees with technical support, questions and ideas big and small. Swing by the Help Desk during these times and the Core-apps team will be happy to help!

Monday 7am-4pm



Don’t forget to pack the 2017 Convening Leaders event app! 

Untitled-1We have freshly baked updates and new features for the 2017 PCMA event app! Visit the app stores now to get the latest and greatest version, designed for the best possible attendee

Apple App Store
Google Play



For more information contact us anytime,
we look forward to seeing all #PCMACL participants in Austin!

Is it a Fad or is it the Future?

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Lessons from 80s and 90s! Fads can Help Predict the Future of the Best Event Technology

Thanks to #TBT, we don’t have to go far for a glimpse at the days gone by. If you’re old enough to remember the 1980s and 1990s you’ll remember fads like: Members Only jackets, acid-washed jeans, leg warmers, neon everything and especially big – big hair, big shoulder pads and big boom boxes.

Looking back now, we laugh about all these horrible fashion don’ts. But we often forget that just as many fads during these two decades were technology related. Thankfully, the 1980s and 1990s gave us major technologies like the personal computer, CDs, mobile phones and game consoles that we still use today. But just like the bad fashion disasters disappeared, many technology fads like Walkmans, DIVX, the Apple Newton MessagePad PDA and DATs, quickly faded too.

Besides giving us a reason to refrain from making notoriously bad fashion choices, what can we learn from the technology fads of these decades about the future of event technology? Here are six lessons from the 1980s and 1990s fads that can help predict the future of event technology.

  1. 1. The EventTech Fad: DIVX

Not to be confused with today’s DivX—the ability to compress lengthy video segments into small sizes –the DIVX of the 1990s was a way to rent movies digitally. Electronics retailer Circuit City piloted this technology: you rented a disc, watched your movie for two days, and then you’d toss the discs or pay a fee to keep watching the movie.

But the problem was customers had to buy a whole separate player to watch DIVX movies. And even worse, the video rental industry championed against the technology. DIVX quickly faded from the
market after a few short years.

The Event Tech Trend: An Integrated Approach to Event Technology

So what can we learn from the DIVX flop?

Event organizers and attendees don’t want separate systems, disjointed user experiences and multiple logins. So don’t piece your event technology together from multiple event tech vendors. Work with one best-of-breed provider who supplies event management software, mobile apps, kiosks, beacons and wayfinding in a single comprehensive platform.

Jay Tokosch, CEO of Core-apps, says, “You’ll save time, money and resources with an integrated platform, and your attendees will have a streamlined user experience. And no worries about one of your event technologies going the way of the DIVX.”

2. The EventTech Fad: Apple Newton MessagePad PDA (aka Newton)

Long before the days of iPhones and iPads, Apple attempted to introduce its own personal device assistant in the 1990s. The Apple Newton MessagePad was extremely innovative and essentially was the father of future PDAs.

newton-penBut the highly inaccurate handwriting recognition software and exorbitant price tag prevented it from truly catching on. It ultimately was discontinued in 1998 and many don’t even recall Apple’s early foray into mobile technology.

The Event Tech Trend: Go Mobile

Flash forward less than 10 years later and Apple redeemed itself with the launch of the first generation iPhone. Since then, storing, accessing and creating information on a portable, mobile device has
become ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. And there truly is an app for everything.

steve-jobs-original-2007-iphone-625x1000The rise of mobile and event apps aren’t a fad and won’t be going anywhere. In particular, event apps have transformed every aspect of the event experience, from becoming an easy way to access and update the latest event information to a robust tool for matchmaking, networking and in-the-moment messaging.

In fact, watch mobile event apps become more as a critical hub for every interaction between attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and planners. And organizers who embrace mobile apps, will keep their event relevant and meaningful for attendees – something the MessagePad couldn’t do.

3. The Event Tech Fad: Instant Camera

A 1980s staple, instant cameras used self-developing film to create a developed printed picture shortly after you took a picture. Remember the unique sound of the picture being printed, and how you’d fan the picture and watch slowly as the image appearance before your very eyes?

While there has been a nostalgic resurgence recently, the transformation to everything digital was a prime driver in the decline for instant cameras.

The Event Tech Trend: Embrace Digitally Powered Experiences

Just as every aspect of photography has gone digital, so has the event experience. No more printed materials, schedules and collateral. Static wayfinding and navigation have gone by the wayside. And manually planning, tracking and managing sessions or meetings to attend has disappeared.

People Taking Picture With GoPro Selfie Stick Camera

People Taking Picture With GoPro Selfie Stick Camera

Event technologies like mobile event apps make it possible to plan and navigate an event from the palm of your hand. Build a personalized agenda right inside your app? Done. Meet-up with other like-minded attendees? Check. Deliver real-time alerts and messages? Finished. Drive attendees to participate and engage through gamification challenges? Mission

Forward-thinking organizers will find ways to embrace and create digitally powered experiences in every aspect of their events. Tokosch explains, “Going digital is a surefire way to give attendees, exhibitors and attendees an experience that useful and innovative.”

4. The Event Tech Fad: Digital Audio Tapes (DATs)

Though you probably made mix tapes, few recall digital audio tapes (DATs) were introduced in the late 20130214mixtape1-promo11980s. These cassettes recorded at CD quality or better, and were designed to replace analog cassette tapes. But DATs ultimately failed because the music and recording industry were concerned about piracy and protecting recording artists’ rights.



The Event Tech Trend: Provide Data Security and Privacy

Just as protecting recording artists’ right was in the 1980s, the need for data security and privacy in event technologies remains a top-of-mind concern for organizers and attendees alike.

There’s more data than ever – much of highly sensitive – including registration and housing information, social media insights, survey data, attendee information and much more.

Unlike the days of DATs, it’s not an “us” versus “them” mentality. Work with your event technology provider to protect and secure event data. Review data security policies and ask what data
safeguarding procedures are in place, including where data is stored and how often it’s backed up. Protecting and securing data is always in favor.

5. The Event Tech Fad: Betamax

Many don’t recall that Betamax was the first home videocassette format to market – appearing in homes nearly a year earlier than VHS. But VHS ultimately won the format war. Why?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAU0AAAAJDg1NjBkYTdhLTM5MzMtNDYzNi1hMTk2LTZiNGFhMzZhZDlmMQBeta machines could only initially record for 60 minutes, compared to three hours on VHS. This limited recording time ignored a pretty basic idea – movies are longer than one hour. So anyone wanting to watch or record a two hour movie needed multiple Betamax cassettes. No wonder why VHS prevailed in the short-term.

The Event Tech Trend: Deliver Value for Stakeholders

If Sony and Betamax would have thought about the need for movie producers to have more than an hour of recording time, they might have had more success in the home video market.

Same with event organizers. Use event technology to deliver value and meet the needs and wants of stakeholders. For example, many sponsors and exhibitors are concerned about visibility and traffic they receive. And that’s where event technologies like beacons and heat mapping can be used to deliver value. When real-time floor traffic measurements and heat maps deliver tangible proof of attendee traffic, the needs of sponsors and exhibitors are met. And when you’re showing value, it’s a way to secure future participation – something that Sony didn’t understand with Betamax until it was too late.

6. The Event Tech Fad: Teddy Ruxpin

No lookback at the 1980s and 1990s would be complete without mention of Teddy Ruxpin—the lifelike teddy bear that featured moving eyes and a mouth that moved to the tune of audio books played via a cassette deck in the bear’s back. The toy became a multi-billion dollar product in a few short years, but many found the robotic bear a bit cold and creepy. The company who made the animatronic toy ultimately filed for bankruptcy, though other companies have continued creating different versions.

The Event Tech Trend: Enhance Face-to-Face Networking/Matchmaking

What can organizers learn about the future of event technology from the likes of Teddy Ruxpin? The toy enhanced an already powerful bonding experience between parents and their kids – reading
bedtime stories. And just as this nightly ritual won’t change for families, networking at events remains a top priority for event attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

networkingEmbrace event technology as a way to enhance the networking opportunities made available by face-to-face events. Give attendees opportunities to mix and mingle through in-app social networking. Just as Teddy Ruxpin brought a new approach to storytelling, event technology will do the same for networking.

Tokosch adds, “Given the importance of networking, it makes sense to use event technology to make it easier for attendees to connect and communicate more easily.”

Take a lesson from these 1980s and 1990s fads about the future of the best event technology:

-Take an integrated approach to event technology that embraces mobile
-Use technology to deliver value to stakeholders and enhance the event experience
-Provide data security and privacy

Schedule a demo with Core-apps to see the future of event technology.

*All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

Core-apps’ latest innovation revolutionizes trade show booth product experiences

The Patent pending technology allows exhibitors to present dynamic content, track the user experience, nurture prospects and data mine the analytics

Arnold, Maryland, December 14, 2016 – Core-apps, the leading technology platform for the events industry, today announced that the company will release second-screen engagement tool Showcase XD™ in early 2017, a new product that was previewed at last week’s IAEE Expo! Expo! Event.

The new technology powers interactive product content through a tablet, tracks the attendee’s user experience, provides automated follow up and allows exhibitors to data mine the analytics for sales opportunities.

“We created Showcase XD to bridge the gap between the booth and a data-rich digital experience and to solve the problem of following up with attendees who have expressed interest in products and services at the booth,” explains Core-apps CEO Jay Tokosch. “It provides a new level of engagement, nurturing and results to booths of any size. This product helps support the future of the booth experience.”

The new feature reflects Core-apps’ dedication to creating innovative products for event organizers to sell through to their customers.

“Showcase XD gives event organizers an innovative new product to market to exhibitors,” says Tokosch. “Currently exhibitors would need to spend time and money creating a custom digital catalog for their booth, and worry about connectivity keeping it live. Showcase XD solves this problem by providing an out-of-the-box solution to power these types of content experiences without the need for WiFi.”

He adds, “We heard from a lot of organizers at last week’s IAEE Expo!Expo!, that the product is a natural fit for exhibitors interested in adding a digital layer to their booth. They also felt the experience tracking and data mining capabilities were powerful, unique and can help their exhibitors save money on costly printed materials. We are confident that Showcase XD will be a game-changing revenue channel for organizers and a cost-effective tool for exhibitors that closes the loop on the booth sales process.”

Early adopters of the new technology include Informa, Convexx’s SHOT Show, Texas Restaurant Association and the Association of Legal Administrators.

Core-apps plans to provide organizers with a suite of marketing materials to complement their sales process. The new feature will be available for iPad in early 2017 with an Android version coming Q2 2017. For more information on Showcase XD, contact Core-apps at

About Core-apps:
Core-apps is the leading provider of event technology for the Trade Show and Events Industry. The company supports more than 50% of the Top 250 Trade Shows and is the only event technology platform offering Event Management, Mobile Apps, Beacons and Kiosks as 4 tier-one solutions. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Arnold, Maryland and serves customers around the globe. For more information visit