Announcing New Event App Features for 2017

Our new features are a reflection of our dedication to innovation and to building products for the future of events.

The new features include the following, and will be available in 2017:

Conference Notes:Conference_Notes_Preview_-_YouTube
o   Helps Attendees seamlessly engage with conference presentations through their devices
o   Allows attendees to take notes on a presentation in various colors and highlights
o   Enables attendees to share their notes and key information with peers
o   Attendees can easily replay presentations and notes that are recorded
o   Extensive data available for each presenter, for example “most popular slide” and “slide with the most notes”

Click here for more information about Conference Notes.

Showcase XD: Patent Pending ipad_kiosk_guitar_booth
o   For Event Organizers:

It’s an opportunity to offer a new product that bridges the gap between the booth and a data-rich digital experience
o   For Exhibitors:
Showcase XD is an exciting new tool to help demonstrate products, tracks user experience, and automatically sends follow up emails
o   For Attendees:
It’s an interactive display designed for engagement, inspiration and detailed product information

Click here for more information about Showcase XD.

Access 365:
o   Turns an event app into an on-going engagement tool man-coffee-cup-pen 1
o   Give the audience access to regular information and updates about your organization
o   Engage with your audience year-round with mobile app Alerts
o   Review your analytics to see what is trending and how your users are engaging with your content
o   Keeps an organization’s mission and value top-of-mind with members and followers

Click here for more information about Access 365.

For more information about any of these new features, please contact us.