As an attendee, FollowMe gives you the whole show in your pocket. No more fumbling with wasteful paper schedules that are quickly out of date or lugging around tote bags filled with unsorted brochures.

Paper schedules and programs are out of date the moment they’re printed. With FollowMe, you have immediate accesss to:

  • Up to date schedules. If an event is cancelled or moved, you know.
  • Speaker bios. Know who you’re seeing without having to flip pages.
  • Exhibitor profiles. Contact an exhibitor or vendor directly from your device.
  • Interactive maps that tell you where you are, and how to get where you’re going. No more guessing which booth or hall you’re in.
  • Alerts (Know if a time changed or a special event is about to start).
  • “Handouts” that you can view and store on your device. Why carry 100+ pages when they can all be on your device?

You can also stay abreast of the social scene through integrated Twitter, photos that you and other attendees have taken, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.* The built-in Friends feature allows you to message and share schedules with other attendees, and you can make appointments with vendors right from the app.

Paper is dead. The future is digital. FollowMe from Core-apps, LLC will make your show more productive, interactive, and enjoyable.
*Features vary by show. Not all features are available in all apps.