We’re Looking a Freelance Web Designer!

Core-Apps is the leading app developer in the event industry space, and we are looking for a contract web designer who is looking to work with a fun team to gain practical experience and knowledge all while working at home in his/her PJs. You’ll be working with fellow geeks on a variety of tasks including designing HTML and CSS for mobile devices, graphic design for digital advertisements, tracking down pesky bugs, and growing and thriving in a high-energy team environment.

This is a contract position that will be in the range of 10-20 hours per week (though no guaranteed hours). It would be perfect for a college student or someone else with some extra time on his/her hands. An ideal candidate will be available to work during business hours of any US time zone for the purposes of being able to interact with the rest of the company, but we don’t require you to BE in a US time zone. To apply, PM me with the following:

  • A cover letter and resume.
  • A few examples of your design, or a portfolio.
  • What piques your interest about Core-Apps and this position?
  • Why are you an ideal candidate?
  • Your desired hourly rate.

Remember, we are wanting someone who fits into our team well, so give us a taste of your personality in your response!

Please go here to apply: https://www.reddit.com/r/forhire/comments/3qc0e7/hiring_online_freelance_web_designer_for/