Bear Analytics features the perspective of Kiki Janssens on the impact of trade show technology


Bear Analytics asked Core-App’s Kiki Janssens about the progress of trade show technology from her perspective as a Millienial:

First and foremost, I think the award for most helpful tech innovation in the past 5 years has been the mobile app. It’s a tool that benefits attendees, exhibitors, and show management. I remember my first year working at our trade show. One of my tasks was to run booth appointments across a show floor with 500+ booths. I remember carrying my show guide, cell phone, all the papers, and a water bottle. I ended up with 5 sheets for exhibitors that I just could not locate.

Since there were no chairs, I ended up sitting on the floor trying to find the map in the show guide, or access the online floor plan (without cell service). In short- I was a hot mess. The next year we got an app and I was able to minimize my load, and anytime I missed an exhibitor I just stepped to the side, looked it up and headed on my way. It’s the first time I remember actually appreciating the phrase “there’s an app for that”.

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