Questions for Users:

Q: I can’t get online at the conference. Can I still use your app?

Yes! Our FollowMe and EventLink apps for Android and iOS devices are designed to work offline! While you’ll still need to connect once in a while for updates, you can access the most important features like schedules, maps and speaker bios without any connectivity at all.

Q: Is there an app for my Windows phone (or other phones not specifically mentioned)?

We have a universal app that works on any phone or tablet that can access the web. It has all the content that the other apps have, but it does require you to be online for some of the content. You can access this app by visiting the show or organizations’s website and following the link for the mobile app with your device.

Q: Will this app eat my battery?

Our apps use the battery about the same as any other app. What we’ve found that trade shows and conferences often have poor connectivity. When this happens, your phone will be constantly searching for a signal, and that uses a lot of battery. If you notice that your phone says “No Service” and you want to save battery, set your phone to “Airplane Mode.” This will give you more time to use your phone, and your you’ll still be able to access the information you need through our app.


Questions for Event Planners:

Q: How does my data get into the app?

We have a custom Content Management System and robust importers that can accept spreadsheets and APIs. If you have the data, we’ll find a way to get it into the app. You’ll have access to update the data in real-time via a web-based interface.

Q: What happens to the app after the show is over?

The app keeps working for you, even after the show is over. You can keep updating the content through alerts and push notifications to let your delegates know that there’s another show coming up, an exhibitor is having a special, or that you’re offering an early registration discount. We find that many users keep the app and the notes they’ve taken all the way up until the next show. The app isn’t just a program – it’s a year-round reference tool.

Q: What kind of stats can you give me about the apps usage?

We offer an extensive stats package which gives you the data you need while protecting the privacy of users. We can offer detailed stats that go far beyond number of downloads and which platforms were used. Contact your sales associate for details on the available options.