What’s your app’s best feature? 17 Elevator Pitches from Event App Company Executives

Only one that counts! Core-apps


Recently on eVenues Blog Jay Tokosch, our CEO was asked two questions.

1. What is the one feature that event planners will find most attractive?
2. What is the one feature that attendees will find most attractive?
See what he said!

“The one feature that event planners love the most after working with us is our customer service. We have many flashy features but helping them get the content into the app and walking them through the process takes a huge burden off the Event Planner. We have also worked with over fifty (50) 3rd party content managent companies and systems.”
Attendees Will Like:
“Easy to use dashboard that directs them to all of the exhibitor info, sessions, build their schedule or import it, and a interactive map with navigation.”
–Jay Tokosch, CEO at Core-Apps

For the full article go to the eVenues Blog.