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Core-apps is seeking to fill a sales position!

Come join a progressive growing technology company.  We are seeking a person who loves to sell best in class technology.  Interested?   Contact Jay Tokosch:

Job Description: Sales

Clients are typically, trade shows, events, meetings, venues, independent organizers, and event planners.

Work hours are not defined

Sales of Core-apps software

Develop new business and sales though the use of the following:

    • Industry knowledge
    • Leads from trade shows that Core-apps particpates in
    • Leads from internal
    • Past customer base
    • Cold calling
  • Explain the benefits of our software
  • Work with customers marketing to help sell sponsorships and devise ideas
  • Offer a price and negotiate around it
  • Close the deal and record the details
  • Spend a great deal of time on the telephone, computer, and web
  • Be able to perform web demos on all Core-apps software applications via PPT and live application demos
  • Know our competition and be able to explain why we are better
  • Know other industry vendors that we work with and do not work with
  • Work from home
  • Travel when necessary
  • Understand and know Core-apps internal procedures
  • Attend meetings, industry trade shows and training seminars in order to gather information, promote products, expand network of contacts, and increase knowledge (This may require business travel).
  • Proactively conduct strategic account reviews with all assigned customers on a regular basis to review service needs and usage trends. Identify best practices, marketing, and core-apps tools to meet customer needs and core-apps business objectives.
  • Provide reporting on sales to CEO.
  • Provide reporting to clients

Perform any and all other duties as necessary to meet Core-apps company objectives

What’s on everyone’s mind lately?? App security!!

Recently, the event industry has taken notice concerning security within mobile apps based on an article concerning the RSA mobile app by Quick Mobile Security researchers from IOActive have decided to take a look at the app to see just how secure it is. In a short amount of time, they identified a total of six flaws.”[1] The article notes two issues that are really concerning:

“The most severe of them can be exploited for man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. An attacker could inject a phishing page into the login sequence to trick users into handing over their credentials.”1 And, “The information in the app is retrieved from an SQLite database file that’s downloaded to the smartphone. This file contains the information of every user who has signed up for the RSA Conference 2014 app, including full name, company and title.”[1]

Yes, these are very concerning breaches. This has prompted our customers and potential customers to ask the question “How secure is our app and what does Core-apps do to prevent something like this from happening to us”? I am glad this has awoken the event industry. We have been preaching protection of customers’ data and user privacy since the beginning! Not that long ago, the state of California sued Delta airlines for not publishing a privacy policy inside their app because of the information they were collecting:

The suit was later dismissed but it started a very important dialog about user data. We all need to be concerned about what information is being collected and how it is being used inside of the mobile apps we use daily.

First, let me say that NO ONE’s mobile app is ever going to be completely 100% secure! If the FBI, CIA, Bitcoin banks (recently), credit card companies, Target, and other highly secure websites/domains can be hacked, no matter what we do we will not stop them completely. If a hacker wants to break in, they will have ample time to do so and they will figure out how to breach a mobile app. There is a fine line here because if we make the app too secure, it creates a barrier to entry and usage. The added complexity can also significantly increase app support requests when users can’t get access into the app. This can cause low download numbers, lack of usage, drop in sponsorships, and the wonderful experience you were expecting to get out of your mobile app – goes away!

At Core-apps, our team makes it their job to educate our clients about mobile app security. We work on ways to make sure sensitive information is not accessible in the app or if it is really sensitive we keep it out of the app but still provide access in other ways. We also teach customers about having a privacy policy that notes what information is collected to help protect us and our clients. DIY app vendors don’t provide that type of service and there is no one there to protect customers from uploading information that can be compromised. We developed features that require users to opt-in and ways to protect user and customer data. We use encryption techniques to secure data so that attackers can’t trick users with man-in-the-middle attacks into handing over their information. For obvious reasons I will not go into detail regarding these techniques but as our President, Jesse Snipper noted, “every effort is made to keep customer data secure when that is requested but as with all security, it makes access harder — most clients opt away from security and instead choose to limit what they put in the app to publicly available information.”

My Father always told me to make sure I locked up my bike at night when I was done riding it. He used to say it was not to keep the thief from stealing it but so they would go the next rack where the bike was not locked because it was a lot easier to steal that one than the one that is locked!

For more information regarding how to secure your app with and without multiple levels of security, contact your Core-apps sales rep or email us

“You can not do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow!” Anonymous

Jay Tokosch
Core-apps, LLC.

FREE WEBINAR: Mobile Apps – What Are They Good For?

IAEE will host a free, exclusive Webinar for exhibitors and event marketers:

Time:12:00 p.m. CST / 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET

Date: Thursday, 27 March 2014
Presenter: Jay Tokosch, CEO, Core-Apps

Mr. Tokosch will explore the importance of having a mobile app, the pros and cons, stats, and relevance for today’s events.



Jay Tokosch is the CEO and Co-Founder of Core-apps, LLC. Core-apps is a software developer of technology for the event industry. Mr. Tokosch began Core-apps and entered into the event industry with the mobile app application called Follow Me. Follow Me is an award winning mobile app used by more of the top 250 events in the industry than any other and the leading mobile application used in the trade show industry. Mr. Tokosch is responsible for Core-apps marketing, sales, and company direction. Prior to Core-apps, Mr. Tokosch was CEO of AV1 Studios, a manufacturer of audio video equipment for residential and mobile solutions. Mr. Tokosch specializes in technology development with sales and marketing and has been a industry speaker on mobile applications and mobile digital marketing for a variety of event/tradeshows and industry forums such as IAEE, MPI, ASAE, and SISO.

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Check out the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center microsite and be sure to watch the video to get a better idea:

How do you engage with exhibitors through social media before, during and after a show? Tell us about your ideas on Twitter at @ClickHereFirst

Core-apps and IndustryConnect Announce Strategic Partnership


Event technology and digital marketing leaders launch collaboration to provide client’s with the expertise and resources to increase digital media usage and revenue

Arnold, Maryland and Parsippany, New Jersey – December, 5th 2013 – Core-apps, a leading provider of online and mobile technology, and IndustryConnect, a leading provider of digital marketing and sales solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to help client’s increase their digital revenue. The result of the collaboration will be a new offering called ‘Core-apps PRO Services’ and will include all of the necessary resources and expertise to effectively sell digital marketing sponsorships to exhibitors as well as increase attendee usage of online and mobile tools.

“Many of our trade show client’s feel that they do not have the extra in-house resources to focus on working with their exhibitors to sell the broad range of sponsorship inventory we now have available” said Jay Tokosch, CEO of Core-apps. He added, “There is a tremendous amount of revenue being left on the table and we are excited to now have the capability to help them harvest it via this new partnership with IndustryConnect”.

The collaboration between Core-apps and IndustryConnect will focus on both short and long term initiatives. The first step is to ensure that attendee usage rates are as high as possible, while streamlining and optimizing the exhibitor sales process. The second is to continue to build on that momentum, year over year, to make digital media revenue an ever-growing profit center for trade show organizers.

“Over the years, we have found that two key things are necessary for a trade show to execute a truly successful digital business model; a fully integrated online, mobile and on-site user experience and a dedicated marketing and exhibitor sales team to support it” said Dave Einzig, CEO of IndustryConnect. “We were thrilled when we saw Core-apps expanding their offerings beyond mobile and into online and wayfinder solutions, and are now very much looking forward to helping their clients utilize all of this great technology to its fullest potential.”

About Core-apps
Core-apps was founded in March 2009 to focus solely on technology for the event industry. Core-apps is the creator of FollowMe, EventLink, and MemberDirect, leading mobile applications for trade shows, events, and associations. In August Core-apps acquired GoExpo, an event management system, to seamlessly integrate show management into the Core-apps technology platform. To date, Core-apps is the leading mobile app in the event industry with over 600 events using our mobile apps globally done in multiple languages. For more information, please visit Core-apps, LLC, 1290 Bay Dale Drive #319, Arnold, MD 21012, +1(443) 424-CORE (443-424-2673)

About IndustryConnect
Founded in 2005 and currently headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, IndustryConnect partners with trade show organizers to support their organizations with the expertise and resources required to execute highly effective online and mobile strategies. Our mission is to help trade show organizers offer considerable new value to their attendee and exhibitor participants via technology that actually works. We have proven models that engage attendees and exhibitors before, during and after a show, utilizes that engagement to drive participation in to online and mobile offerings that they enjoy using and then leverages that success to discover substantial new digital revenue. For more information, please visit IndustryConnect, 2001 Route 46 #310, Parsippany, NJ 07054, +1(800) 288-1440.