Mobile Marketing, Do’s and Don’t’s

expoExpo Web recently ran an article on mobile marketing programs, and how to adjust strategies to take advantage of the mobile app’s increasing role. Core-apps CEO Jay Tokosch had a few things to say.

There’s a lot of communication going on…what I call a lot of interactivity between the event organizer and the users, the users and the exhibitors,” he says. “We want to promote that experience of connection between them, but also an experience of a connection between the attendees with each other—that’s social networking.

Some tips include:

Start Early
Give yourself a good 12 months to really get a game plan together and draw up a mobile marketing strategy. If you don’t yet have a mobile app and you’re looking to add one, do not wait until a month or two months before your event to start thinking about it.

Choose the Right Integrated App Developer
The app builder needs to collect and integrate information from a multitude of sources and content providers … floor maps … sessions … exhibitors … registration information. It’s all collapsing into one central point, which is your app. That is the most important part of the process: getting your content in and taking you through that process.

Don’t Create Pointless Ads
Ads that have only a logo, no booth number, or only connect to the company web site are wastes of everybody’s time. There needs to be a reason for all attendees (exhibitors and attendees alike) to make them click on the ad to get in touch before the show, request information or stop by a booth.

“It’s not enough to just put your logo up there,” Tokosch says. “If you want to do that, you might just as well hang a banner from the ceiling because you’re just going to get the same kind of response. Be interactive. You want to get something back by having that banner ad.”

Don’t Think Mobile Marketing Is a Fad
“We’re just scratching the surface on it today,” Tokosch says. “It’s going to get so much better as we move along technology-wise.”

You can read the full article here.