MICEtalk: 5 Tips for Developing Event Apps

2013-08-05_0948MICEtalk is a business magazine for those involved with meetings, incentives, conferences and events. They recently published a list of “5 best tips for developing Event Apps” that we are Core-apps think is spot on. In brief, they list is as follows:

  1. Features and Platforms – know what features you want.
  2. Turn on Airplane Mode – recreate a bad connectivity situation to see how well the app performs.
  3. Make sure your Developer ‘Speaks Your Language’ – a sophisticated developer will avoid jargon and make sure that you understand all terms.
  4. What Costs? – cost structures can be complex. Find out all the costs and revenue streams (sponsorships) up front.
  5. Marketing and Engagement – making the app is not enough, you need to do your part to make sure people know it exists and use it.

For the complete article, download the relevant pages here. Back issues of MICEtalk can be found here.