I guess we are not considered a startup anymore!

shutterstock_311600018As of last month, March 2016, Core-apps is 7 years old.  I am so proud of our team here at Core-apps!  Core-apps was founded on the core principles of: 1) treating our customers like partners, with the highest level of customer service promised and delivered, and 2) being the leader in the event industry by providing intuitive and innovative technology that fits.  The Core-apps team holds these core principles very dearly, and without our great staff, we would not have made it to 7 years.

Looking back, so much has changed since then both in the industry and with Core-apps.  It seems like yesterday when we released the first native mobile app in the event industry.  I remember performing demos for potential customers who responded with a lot of hesitation.  “We are not sure a mobile app will work for our group since we are not a techie type group.”  “I don’t think people will want to use their phones for our event content.” “Our demographic is too old – they barely know how to use their phone for calling people!”  Of course, that all changed very quickly.  In 2009 we were fortunate enough to sign contracts with some big events that were industry leaders and we were on our way.  And those hesitant organizers that thought that our mobile apps would never make it, well, those same organizers are some of our best customers now!

Along the way, Core-apps changed; not only did we grow to be one of the leading mobile app companies, but we also grew our offerings. We learned a lot about the industry from our customers and also participating and serving in many of the industry’s top educational events such as IAEE, PCMA, MPI, and ASAE. We listened to the request from organizers who wanted to deal with fewer vendors to get their event produced.  We also listened to the request to ensure that the technology is not only innovative but also easy to use.  To satisfy our Organizers’ wanting to work with fewer vendors, we bought an event management software company, GoExpo, in 2013 and merged it with our Wayfinder Kiosks and iBeacon solutions for a total solution offering. Today, Core-apps is the only technology provider in the industry that offers four, tier-one solutions that work seamlessly together!

Through all the changes in the industry, as well as the changes Core-apps has undergone, it is our team that has allowed us to successfully reach this 7-year milestone.  Because we believe strongly in supporting and being a part of the industry we serve, all of our Account Managers and Sales Staff have prior work in the event industry and all of them continually participate in the event industry, by attending events, serving on industry boards, or speaking at industry events.  We value sharing ideas and working together because it makes us all stronger.  When people congratulate me on Core-apps’ success or when someone has a great experience working with us, I tell them, “My staff is the best.  They really do a good job of making me look good!”

I am so happy to be a part of the event industry.  I look forward to every single day.  I am constantly learning.  I can’t imagine a better job.  There are so many people to thank that I can’t possibly name them all here, but I will summarize them into groups and say thank you to all of the Core-apps team, our great partners (customers), industry associations, and everyone that has helped us along the way!  I look forward to another great 7 years!!

Written by: Jay Tokosch, CEO