Feature Spotlight: Friends 2.0 – want to enhance your attendee experience at your event?

Try our new release of Friends! While we know there are many social networking options available to
your attendees, we wanted to design our Friends 2.0 feature to protect attendee privacy and promote
interaction within your mobile app so users can connect with one another and enhance their experience
at your event.
I like to consider Friends 2.0 as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all rolled into one – but on a business
scale for your event. Consider it an in-app business card; one that allows you to send messages, share
your schedule, set your current status, and add friends during the show as well as after – so you’ll never
forget a contact again.
Because Friends 2.0 can hold more information than a business card; such as a photo, tap-able URLS,
phone numbers, and e-mail addresses; you’ll never be sifting through a pile of business cards wondering
where you met so-and-so and what you talked about. And, since you can take notes on your friends
within the app, you won’t have to scrawl in tiny print on the backs of cards, either! And no, this is not a
lead generation tool; so you don’t have to worry that this feature will hurt your exhibitor lead sales. We
have a whole module that is devoted to exhibitor interaction within that app for that!!!
How it works:
Setting yourself up: When you tap the ‘Friends’ icon on the app’s Dashboard, you’ll be prompted to fill
out your profile information. If you choose, you can set your profile to be public. This will allow other
attendees to find you in the ‘Attendees’ icon on the Dashboard.
To add more Friends, tap the Attendees icon on the Dashboard. This will list all the app users who have
made their profile public. Scroll through to find fellow attendees you have (or would like to) connect
with, and tap ‘Send Friend Request’. The next time your requested Friend opens their app, a tag in the
corner of their Friends icon will let them know that requests are pending. They can then either approve
or deny your request.
To interact with your Friends by sending messages, setting your status, sharing your schedule, or making
notes, return to the Friends icon, where all your contacts will be listed. Tap their name in order to
How we protect your privacy:
Making your profile public isn’t a requirement of Friends 2.0 – in fact, you can still participate in the
Friends feature with a private profile. In this case, don’t turn on the “publish my profile” and then just
request a Friend Code to give each person you’d like to connect with later. Only those that you have
connected with will see your information. For more information about your privacy, check out the
privacy policy listed within settings and about the app sections.
Where you’ve seen it: Friends 2.0 was used in the IAEE Expo! Expo! 2012 app, where there was over an
80% download rate!