Access 365™ – Turn Your Event App into a Year-Round Engagement Tool

  • Product Overview:
  • –Access365° allows you to take your event app and turn it in to a year round engagement package. Mobile_Ad
  • –Gives your attendees and members access to all the pertinent information about your organization and it’s benefits and events.
  • –With Access365° you can add in a membership directory, calendar of events, news items and RSS feed, social media, and link out to any website.
  • –Send out Alerts year around to remind your audience about upcoming events.

Access 365 is All About Engagement!

  • –Access 365° will pull RSS feeds into your news icon to keep users up to date on what’s important in your industry.
  • –You can also add in your own news stories through the admin site.
  • –Review your analytics to see what is trending and how your users are engaging with your content
  • –Social Media can easily be added in, and you can link out to any website that you would like to include

Interested in leveraging your event app investment for year-round engagement? Contact us for more information and a demo.